Wicked Plan – Land On Fire Album Review

Wicked Plan – Land On Fire

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Is it already being three years ago? Indeed. The predecessor “Out Of Fire” was released in February 2016. But the problems with the place behind the battery obviously slowed down the Swiss from Wicked Plan. A new label was also sought. But now the time has come. The successor “Land On Fire” was released under the flag of STF Records. All good things come in threes, the saying goes. So, let’s have a look.

The Swiss are already starting new heights with the opener “Icarus”. The song sounds tough from the speakers. And singer Natali sounds like the thashier little sister of Jutta Weinhold (Velvet Viper). The somewhat quieter melodic middle section shows that Wicked Plan is also varied. Subtle keyboards can also be heard on “Wings Of Fire”. However, the metallic heavyness remains. With “Vikings Return” followed by a great metal anthem that something like that could also be on an album of the aforementioned Jutta Weinhold. And Dan Keller blows out a great guitar solo here. With the title song, Wicked Plan is back on track. “Land On Fire” is a true par force ride through speed metal. The drummer in particular has to do the hard work. In addition to renewed delicate guitar solos, the bass also ensures a powerful base. And so, it continues with high-speed metal like “Son Of The Devil” or “Soul Hunter”. With the songs before they could be heard every now and then. At the beginning of “Wonderland” you can hear them very clearly, the influences from baroque music. After so much sweaty power, you also need a rest. And there are, with the power ballad “These Days”. Calmer yes, but hardly quieter, thanks to the exceptional voice of the singer, who is accompanied here by acoustic guitars and synth strings. The album ends as it started. With Speed Power Metal. The final song “Dragons In The Sky” then seems to want to break all speed records.

On “Land On Fire” Wicked Plan sound even harder than on the predecessor. And play faster. And the album is also a few minutes longer. “Harder! More quickly! Volume up! Longer!” seems to be the motto of the Swiss. However, the melodies are never forgotten. The keyboards and synths are used extensively, sometimes a bit too intrusive for my taste for the otherwise heavy sound. The whole thing is peppered with sometimes sprawling guitar solos à la Yngwie Malmsteen. The band could have handled this more sparingly. All in all, “Land On Fire” is a worthy successor to “Out Of Fire”. And the fire will continue to burn in Switzerland, I’m sure of that.

Wicked Plan – “Icarus” feat. the Monsters of Metal (Official Video): https://youtu.be/Iy89aBIWPF4


Natali Keller – Vocals
Dan Keller – Guitar
Ed Cuennet – Bass
Martin Hämmerle – Drums

Label: STF Records

Out: November 29th, 2019

Playing time: 59:17

Track list:

  • Icarus
  • Wings Of Fire
  • Vikings Return
  • Land On Fire
  • Son Of The Devil
  • Soul Hunter
  • Wonderland
  • Double Game
  • These Days
  • Call Of The Seven
  • Metal In My Heart
  • Dragons In The Sky

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber