Winter Uproar Festival

“Winter is Coming”, that was the motto of the Stark family and as you all know winter is a family oriented season. Our local metal scene is a big family constructed by many different genres including Metalcore/Modern Metal music. The scene has had its huge impact amongst most of Israel metal listeners and made them embrace this specific new wave of metal, which allowed us to come up with the idea of producing and creating a Metalcore focused festival. 

Israeli Metal promoters Omri Netzer, Max Beklishchev and Vladislav Mazourenko decided to create a winter festival right in the hottest city of Israel – Tel Aviv which is dedicated to Metalcore/Modern Metal music and featuring 8 local bands.

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Festival lineup:

Her Last Sight // Metalcore

Revision The Dream // Metalcore\Djent

Stained With Silver // Electronicore \ Metalcore

BRCDS // Metalcore

Violate Inner Amends // Extreme Metalcore

Cyclops // Metalcore\Djent

Forcas // Metalcore\Djent

Persephore // Emo\Metalcore