Wolfsinger – Through The Window Album Review

Wolfsinger – Through The Window

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

I met the heavy metal band Wolfsinger at the Voices of the Succubi Festival 2017 in Malta. I was impressed by the power on stage. But the men around singer Raffaella and bassist Haron have also been organizing their own festival in Italy for several years. With free entry, a variety of local bands can showcase their skills on stage. The venue is always a club in the northwestern Italian region of Piedmont, the home of the wolves. I have already visited this Metal Queen’s Burning Night twice (2018 and 2019). Last year Raffa made a birthday present for herself. The band’s second album was released on that day.

And chief wolf Raffaella starts crying right from the start. Already with “Buried Alive” it is accompanied by roaring guitars. And of course, there are also great guitar solos, for which the bass provides great pressure from the speakers. The singer varies between harsh vocals and high notes. This classic metal song is followed by a slightly doomed entry into “Headphones”. But do not worry, here the Italians also play 80s Metal at its best. Contrary to what the song title suggests, “Balance” is a Speed Metal song with sometimes hectic vocal passages. “The Revenge Of Wolves” starts with a bass line. But this instrumental has more to offer. With the hymnic melodies and acoustic plucked guitars, melody and rhythm changes, Wolfsinger play a great Progressive Power Metal here. In the beautiful ballad “Through The Window (Deep Blue)”, Raffaella’s voice sometimes seems very fragile, accompanied by acoustic guitars. Filigree guitar solos resound. But the small, petite singer has a huge voice range, as she impressively demonstrates on “The Pyre Of Lust” or “Iron Horse”. Especially with the latter you can always hear high screams in the best Halford style. But it is also more catchy, as you can hear with the extremely melodic “Mantis”. Much emphasis was placed on melodies here. The melancholic acoustic ballad “No Tears For You (In Memory Of My Father)” concludes. Here the singer commemorates her late father. In moving words. Rest in peace dad!

The band has continued to develop. “Through The Window” is more complex and varied than its predecessor. Wolfsinger play classic heavy metal, but also take trips to speed metal, progressive rock and power metal. The album is produced in a modern way but could occasionally be a bit more powerful. The Italians are a live band, as I have seen several times. They are really going on stage. This power the musicians should be more strongly integrated into the album productions in the future. Then the highest rating would certainly also be possible.

Wolfsinger – Iron Horse: https://youtu.be/4WZnu-Kbwyg


Raffaella Singer – Vocals
Haron Wolf – Bass, Backing Vocals
Davide Mantovan – Guitars
Cristiano “Gillo” Gillone – Drums, Backing Vocals
Marta Pipitone – Choir Vocals, Performance

Label: MASD Records

Out: 21. Dezember 2019

Playing time: 50:26

Track list:

  • Buried Alive
  • Headphones
  • Balance
  • The Revenge Of Wolves
  • Through The Window (Deep Blue)
  • The Pyre Of Lust
  • Evil Gambler
  • Mantis
  • Iron Horse
  • No Tears For You (In Memory Of My Father)

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber