WOLVES IN WINTER Sign With Argonauta Records!

WOLVES IN WINTER (feat. members of Solstice, Lazarus Blackstar, Monolith Cult & more) Sign With Argonauta Records!

Epic, emotional, eloquent… Newly formed UK doom metal quintet Wolves In Winter have hit the ground running. Forming between lockdowns in 2020, Wolves In Winter have worked tirelessly to forge a crushing fusion of traditional and contemporary doom metal. The band is comprised of seasoned veterans from the UK heavy music underground, including former and present members of Solstice, Lazarus Blackstar, Monolith Cult, Slammer and more, effortlessly building on a wealth of experience and carving a fully realised sound and vision. Today, the heavy doom collective has announced their worldwide signing with Argonauta Records, who are proud to release the band‘s upcoming, first full-length album during 2022!

“We’re really excited about our collaboration with Argonauta – they’re a great label, who are easy to work with and they have some really cool, quality bands on the roster,“ the band comments. This is a great opportunity to bring ourselves to a wider audience, with the help from an established and respected record company and we’re looking forward to our journey with them.“

Wolves In Winter have written and recorded their forthcoming debut album with Chris Fielding (Conan) at Foel Studios. Working with Fielding has allowed them to capture enormous tones and crushing riffs. The quintet seamlessly honour doom metal traditionalists such as Cathedral and Candlemass, yet go toe to toe with contemporary favourites including Pallbearer and Windhand. Wolves In Winter land on both sides of the coin, building dynamic, weighty and nuanced lengthy tracks that are as heavy sonically as they are emotionally. With riffs and chord progressions that are contemplative and melancholic, a subtle yet driving rhythm section, and a powerhouse lead vocal performance which brims with emotive and passionate gravelly harmonies akin to Alice In Chains, Wolves In Winter have already crafted a versatile, engrossing and powerful sound.  

Wolves In Winter are currently working hard behind closed doors and have already attracted a buzz from metal publications and record companies. Watch out for many more updates and album details to follow, as with their recent signing with powerhouse label Argonauta Records, Wolves In Winterwill undoubtedly make a huge impression in the metal scene holding onto an album that will turn heads!

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Wolves In Winter are:Izak – bass 
Adam – drums 
Wayne – guitar
Enzo – guitar
Jake – vocals