WOODS OF DESOLATION Streams New Album in Advance via Black Metal Promotion

Atmospheric black metal project WOODS OF DESOLATION will be releasing its new full-length, ‘The Falling Tide,’ this Friday, December 9, via Season of Mist, making its debut to the label! The record can now be heard in its entirety ahead of Friday’s release via Black Metal Promotion! Listen at THIS LOCATION.

WOODS OF DESOLATION comments, “It is finally time to release the new album in full, as the journey that was ‘The Falling Tide’ finds completion to begin anew.”

‘The Falling Tide’ is now available for pre-order HERE.

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The cover artwork was created by Lucas Ruggieri  and can be found below along with the tracklist!

01. Far From Here (07:02)  [WATCH]
02. Beneath a Sea of Stars (07:23)  
03. Illumination (05:01)  [LISTEN]
04. The Falling Tide (06:32)  [LISTEN]
05. The Passing… (03:45)  
06. Anew (06:39)  
Total Duration (36:22)

Photo: Nuit Photography

Australian visionary Woods of Desolation returns with The Falling Tide, a bewitching crescendo of atmospheric black metal and post metal elements. Unlike the act’s Australian contemporaries who are known for their raw, unrefined grit, Woods of Desolation takes a different approach, showcasing the genre’s beauty and elegance with their grand melodic passages and radiant aura.  
Formed by multi-instrumentalist D. in 2005, the project started as a means for personal expression through music. Firmly built upon this ethos, a series of demo recordings garnered attention and a solid following within underground black metal circles worldwide. Continually evolving and working with different guest musicians in pursuit of new artistic territory, D. began to showcase his talent for crafting melancholic, yet at times uplifting, melodies on the debut album Toward the Depths (2008), further refining it on the Sorh EP (2009) and the influential sophomore full-length Torn Beyond Reason (2011).   

In 2014, Woods of Desolation released the critically acclaimed third full-length As the Stars, receiving strong placements on Decibel’s “Top 40 Albums of 2014” and Stereogum’s “50 Best Albums of 2014” list. This album saw D. further introduce a wider array of musical influences, such as post rock and shoegaze, into his unique take on black metal, becoming one of the main protagonists in what would become the burgeoning genre of post black metal. Additionally, lyrical themes were expanded beyond what had come before – nature, life, sorrow – now personally exploring the metaphysical aspects of spirituality and the afterlife.   

In the intervening years that followed, D. created and worked on two new black metal projects Remete & Unfelled, simultaneously writing and developing material for the next Woods of Desolation full-length. In 2021, finally ready, D. teamed up with Vlad (Drudkh, Windswept) on drums & keys to record The Falling Tide, the long-awaited follow-up to As the Stars.  

This forthcoming album sees the musical palette of D. and WOODS OF DESOLATION continue to grow, exploring higher peaks, deeper depths, all the while maintaining honest artistic expression, unfettered and free – remaining ever faithful to those principles that lead the way all those years ago.  

D. – Guitars, Bass, Vocals  
Vlad – Drums, Keyboards 


Recording Studio:
Cold Ways Studios (Australia) & ViTeR Music (Ukraine) 

Producer & Sound Engineer:
D. & ViTeR Music  

Mixing + Mastering:
ViTeR Music 

Cover Artwork:
Lucas Ruggieri