X-EMPIRE: Constantly evolving sound!

X-EMPIRE: Constantly evolving sound!
Celebrating all the huge receptivity and the expressive numbers of visualizations of “Paralyzed”, single that marked the return to the activities of the band X-EMPIRE after a hiatus of more than two years, was released – in audio and video – a new and emotive version totally acoustic, more melodic and without the guttural vocals, but with the same striking melody of its original version, making it clear that there are no limits within the art and style of the brazilian group!

Andre Silva‘s guitars and all Michel Villares‘ hateful vocals present in the original version gave way to more melodic and clearer guitars and voices, overflowing proportional doses of energy, feeling and melody in a totally involving climate.

Production, Sound Engineering, Mixing and Mastering by Michel Villares(M&H Studio)
Co-Production and Additional Sound Engineering by Ricky Franco (M&H Studio)
Ambiences, Keyboards and Synths by Caio Garibaldi
Video Direction, Production, Post-Production and Editing by Michel Villares(M&H Studio)
Filmed at M&H StudioSong Station Studio and YouCover Studio
“From the beginning it was a challenge to create the acoustic version of “Paralyzed”, because it has many different parts and many melodic themes. We tried to create a different arrangement and at the same time sound like the original, without losing the energy of the electric version. The result was amazing, an involving sound and with a lot of quality, but with a very different outfit from the original. I believe that we showed in this version even more all our evolution in relation to previous works”, commented Andre Silva (guitar).

“We realized that the song had a very striking vocal melody and also great musical potential if done from another perspective. This version with guitar and voice brought even more depth to the composition. Michel and Andre were very happy with the new adapted arrangement, as they brought the most emotional layer of the song to the forefront. As for the bass line, the idea was to bring a little of the metal weight without taking away the guitar and vocals. It was amazing!”, commented Emerson Soares (bass).

“This career-returning single had a beautiful engagement! We were very happy about the acceptance and receptivity of the song. They told us that we had evolved a lot musically and that they were surprised, because it was not something they expected. It was a release without any pretension on our part, and the acoustic version too. We just decided to follow some trends coming from bands like Bad Omens, Vitja and many others that besides being heavy also do acoustic versions. This version of ours was made for the fans that don’t want screams and heaviness all the time, focusing more on melody with guitars, ambience and emotion. It was a great achievement to make these two versions sound so good where each one does not disfigure the other”, said Michel Villares (vocals).

Michel Villares (vocals), Emerson Soares (bass) and Andre Silva (guitar) have resumed their career with a new approach and sound together with the hired drummer Dough D’Magalhaes, also Michel Villares’ partner in the Brutal Technical Death Metal band Death Conspiracy, and continue composing/recording new material for new revivals and in constant evolution.

Very soon a new electric single entitled “Replacing” will be released, as well as other fully acoustic tracks. Stay tuned, because the surprises won’t stop there!
More details:
Formed in 2012, in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, X-EMPIRE aims to express their sound in a contemporary way, using new and deep lyrical concepts that combine with the melodies in total balance, pleasing much of the audience appreciator of striking choruses and more progressive, modern and heavy strands within the Metal. With vocals that vary from melodic to harsh, interspersed with guttural passages and ripped, foster a unique sound based on guitar riffs well structured, technical bass and drums and currently influences ranging from Groove MetalDjentProgMetal and even Metalcore.

“Fallen” (Single/2012)
“No Answers” (Single/2013)
“End Of Times” (EP/2014)
“Grief” (Album/2017)
“Hard To Breathe” (Single/2020)
“Paralyzed” (Single/2022)
“Paralyzed (Acoustic Sessions)” (Single/2022)


Michel Villares – Vocals
André Silva – Guitars
Emerson Soares – Bass
Dough D’Magalhaes – Drums

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Bandcamp: https://xempireofficial.bandcamp.com
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