Abbath-Abbath CD Review

Abbath-Abbath (2016)

abbath cdTrack Listing:

  1.  To War
  2. Winter Bane
  3. Ashes of the Damned
  4. Ocean of Wounds
  5. Count the Dead
  6. Fenrir Hunts
  7. Root of the Mountain
  8. Endless
  9. Nebular Ravens Winter (bonus track)*
  10. Riding the Wind (Judas Priest cover)*

*on the Limited Edition copy

When i preordered this album I was a little in conflict with myself. Should I order it or not, since I was not to impressed over Immortals last releases. Before I received it in the mail,  i heard some tracks from the album on Youtube and  the optimism rises. After listening through the album a couple of times, I came to the conclusion this is a great album. With Abbath himself,  he has gotten Creature on drums from Benighted and King ov Hell from Gorgoroth.This is not a typical Black metal album, this has a more modern and catchy sound. The potent mix of black, death, and thrash makes this an enjoyable listen.
You can of course hear some old Immortal in the tracks but that is natural since it’s Abbath
From the the start with To war to the last track Endless, you have been served an awesome
album with heavy riffs, some blast beast and 8 catchy tracks.
The musicianship is excellent throughout the album and songwriting is better than in the late Immortal period. Recommened and  good album. My favorite release so far this year.

Rating 9/10

Geir Olaisen

abbath band

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