Acid Blood – Acid Blood

Acid Blood

Acid Blood

JanML Records

Punk Rock

FFO: The Plasmatics, The Damned, X-Ray Spex, The Stooges, Motörhead

More often than not; bands have a tendency to take themselves seriously. But not for Acid Blood, these Swedes do not give a rodent’s rectum as they careen forward, taking the live stage by storm with the band unleashing their eponymous debut album to the world.

                ‘Acid Blood’ is an album which is raw and raucous; it takes no prisoners and does exactly what it says on the tin. There is no pretention here or posing as something they are not. The band deliver pure, unadulterated rock n’ roll in such a style you would think a portal has just opened up to 1977 and has punched you in the face. This is an album which has swagger, guts and balls as songs such as ‘Wartimes’, ‘Don’t You Die’ and the title track give all the integrity of X-Ray Spex, The Plasmatics and The Damned with its loud DIY punk ethos. Yet, Acid Blood owe as much to these bands as they do to Motörhead and The Stooges with its bar brawling riffs, frantic drumming and spontaneous vocal delivery from Jojo Anderbygd.

                However, there is nothing here that hasn’t been done before, but who cares? This is an album which deserves to be played loud and it is really difficult to not find the enjoyment and raw power which oozes from it. ‘Acid Blood’ is 6 cans of Special Brew, a punch-up, a kebab and a hangover all in one and it’s worth every minute.

Adam McCann


  • 6/10
    Album - 6/10
  • 5/10
    Art - 5/10
  • 6/10
    Production - 6/10