Bad Bones – High Rollers Album Review

Bad Bones – High Rollers

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Hard Rock is not necessarily the music that you would expect from a band from Italy. But Bad Bones from the northern Italian town Mondovì make a pleasant alternative to symphonic or opera metal. The band was founded in 2007, initially as a trio. Since 2011 they are four on stage. If I count correctly, Bad Bones have released six albums on different labels so far. Since October you can now buy the seventh album “High Rollers” in the record shops, the second on the Latvian label Sliptrick Records.

And 80s Hard Rock is exactly what you can hear on the album from the very first second. Whether on “Lost Again” or “Midnight Rider”, the Italians are always in a good mood with their catchy, mainstream melodies. In the press release, the musicians describe themselves as a mix of Van Halen, Scorpions and Motörhead. If one uses the quieter songs on the two first mentioned as a comparison, this may be true. But the quartet rocks rather happy, in the style of early Bon Jovi. In Germany, I would quote Châlice or its successor SignX as a reference, possibly also Kissin ‘Dynamite. You can also hear that in the pop sound “Solitary Fields”. Singer Max Malmerenda has a pleasant, slightly scratchy voice, which mostly moves in middle pitches. His colleagues also do a good job on the instruments. Especially guitarist Sergio Aschieris can always shine through filigree solos (you can hear “Story Of A Broken Bone”). In “Blood Trails”. the quartet proves once again his knack for beautiful melodies. While “Wolf Town” offers a little bit more of heavyness. Finally, Bad Bones donate us a cover version of “Rock’n Me” (Steve Miller Band), which I personally like much more than the original.

With “High Rollers” Bad Bones have published a rock-solid album. Ten Hard Rock songs that make for a great mood from start to finish at every party. Creatively, the album is certainly not a revelation, but played by musicians who understand their craft. Additionally, the production is modern and powerful. And the last two songs of the album are the highlights for me. Bad Bones will definitely be going of live.

Bad Bones – American Days:


Max Malmerenda – Vocals
Sergio Aschieris – Guitar
Steve Balocco – Bass
Lele Balocco – Drums

Label: Sliptrick Records

Out: October 23rd 2018

Playing time: 42:48

Track list:

  • American Days
  • Lost Again
  • Wild Rose
  • Midnight Rider
  • Solitary Fields
  • Now Or Never
  • Blood Trails
  • Wolf Town
  • Story Of A Broken Bone
  • Rock’n Me

Rating : 7.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber