Star Insight – Across The Galaxy

Star Insight
Across The Galaxy
Inverse Records
October 16, 2020

The information on Star Insight is scarce. What is certain is that they come from Seinäjoki in the Etelä-Pohjanmaa (South Ostrobothnia) region in western Finland. So you can at least read in the Encyclopaedia Metallum. Star Insight were founded in 2005. And have been  probably active since then without a break. The list of publications is also manageable. The debut album “Messera” was released six years ago. Otherwise there are two demos, two singles and one EP. Even the band photo that comes with it doesn’t look much. Only singer Anna Pellikka and singing bandmate Pekka Rajala can be seen on it. Whatever. The second album “Across The Galaxy” will be released in October.

Extremely amazing. A symphonic metal album that works without an intro. Instead, the Finns go straight to the full. Even with “Escape As A Last Resort” you can hear that Star Insight at least use another cliché, the alternating chant “Beauty and the Beast”. While Anna Pellikka sings in high soprano, singing partner Pekka Rajala delivers the growls. It is pleasant to hear that Anna does not desperately cling to the high notes, but also masters the mezzo-soprano. Although two band members are mentioned regarding the programming of the synths, they mostly stay in the background. You can hear that on the mid-tempo song “Reaching For The Sky Above”. Here, too, the singer does not push the heights to the extreme. There is also a nice guitar solo. The songs also tend to be in the middle tempo range. Exceptions to this are, among others “It’s All Lies”. and the title track “Across The Galaxy”. Here the guitars sometimes sound hectic, driven by drumming. In “Withing Horizon” and “Past, Present & Future” the synths come a little more to the fore. And “Lost In The Starlight” reminds a little of the early work of her compatriots Nightwish. Finally, “Shine On Me Once Again” sounds like a great metal anthem.

With their second album “Across The Galaxy” the Finns deliver a good symphonic metal album. However, Star Insight is unable to close the gap that Nightwish’s style change has torn. Not yet, one might say. Slightly less synth-gimmicks, but more and heavier riffs, but then this could succeed. Hopefully the two singers can build a stable lineup with which they can work continuously. Then don’t worry about the future of the genre.

Star Insight – It’s All Lies:


Pekka Rajala – Vocals, Synth, Programming
Anna Pellikka – Vocals
Mikael Nurmi – Guitars, Synth, Programming
Toni Jokinen aka Riveryman – Solo & Lead Guitars
Aapo Timonen – Bass
tba – Drums

Track list:

  • Escape As A Last Resort
  • Reaching For The Sky Above
  • I’m Not A Number
  • It’s All Lies
  • Withing Horizon
  • Across The Galaxy
  • Death To The Stars
  • Past, Present & Future
  • Lost In The Starlight
  • Over The Edge
  • Shine On Me Once Again
  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Song Writing - 8/10