Am Samstag “One” CD Review

Am Samstag ‘One’

Black Market Music

Grunge/Alternative Rock


Am Samstag only formed last year but have already hit the ground running with the Swiss band releasing their first EP aptly titled ‘One’.

Am Samstag take their cue from the grunge movement of the early 90’s with a retro vintage sound that would appeal to any of the Tumblr grunge throwbacks that are springing up worldwide. This minimalist approach that the band take is very appealing, it encapsulates the quiet/loud verse chorus dynamics which made Nirvana, Mudhoney and Pixies so likeable, this, coupled with a raw punk production from legendary producer Jack Endino allows ‘One’ to have a replayability that is infectious.

This EP may not contain blast beats, insane shredding or stereotypical breakdowns, but it also doesn’t need to, Am Samstag have the tenacity and integrity that means they don’t need to hang on a cliché with the only track that feels out of place being ‘School Books’. However, tracks like ‘Queen of Hearts’ ‘Meatballs’ and ‘You Make Me Feel’ easily make ‘School Books’ forgettable with a voice which has the sound of Donita Sparks meets Courtney Love whilst playing Kurt Cobain’s guitar; ‘Queen Of Hearts’ in particular has the vibe of ‘Stain’ meets ‘About A Girl’ whilst dragging Seattle sound into the 21st century.

For those looking for an EP dripping with emotion and oozing with self-loathing then look no further than ‘One’. It is an EP which leaves us hanging for a full-length album.


Adam McCann