Amederia – Sometimes We Have Wings… (re-issue)

Sometimes We Have Wings (Re-Issue)
BadMoonMan Musics
Out: October 16, 2008/November 27, 2020 (Re-Issue)

In rock and metal there are many old album pearls that are no longer available as vinyl or CD. But the demand for these albums is still unbroken. And it doesn’t matter if they were released by big, well-known bands. Or from rather lesser known bands. I recently received an example as a promo. The Russian Gothic Doom band Amederia released the album “Sometimes We Have Wings …” in 2008. A new edition follows twelve years later. The band, founded in 2006, is obviously still active. However, only a second album was released during this time (“Unheard Prayer”, 2014). And this is surprising, since the lineup over the years has been quite stable.

Framed in melancholy-sounding piano intro and outro (“In …”, “Lovely Angel”) the Russians present five Doom Metal hits. The two piano songs fit perfectly musically with the other songs. Nevertheless, I have to ask, they really need to be so long? After all, these together have a playing time of eleven minutes. And from my point of view, the first regular song “Doomed Ground” also starts with piano sounds, which are underlaid by strings. But then the lower tuned guitars really put pressure on the mind. The alternating vocals between angry growls and the elf-like female soprano do the rest. This track, which is the longest at more than twelve minutes, is damn close to Funeral Doom thanks to its slow pace. Introduction piano? We already know. “Dreams” also begins like this. And the ethereal singing of Gulnaz Bagirova is underlaid with such sounds, in addition to the roaring guitars. And with these beguiling doomy sounds it goes on. In “Cold Emptiness” choruses, spoken words and synth strings create a lot of melancholy atmosphere. Another majestic song with excess length starts with thunderstorms (“And So I …”). The last regular song “My Soul” is only slightly faster then. And sounds slightly progressive in the middle section.

It’s nice that a contemporary testimony like “Sometimes We Have Wings …” is being reissued. Especially for fans who prefer to hold a CD with a booklet in their hands. For me, Amederia are an exciting new discovery, although the band has been active for many years. A look at the publication cycle (2008, 2014) shows that a new output would actually have been due this year. But maybe only the anticipation for a third album should be increased. It would be desirable.

Amederia – Dreams (Live):

Lineup (Encyclopaedia Metallum):

Andrey Dolgih – Bass
Ilnur Gafarov – Drums
Konstantin Dolgin – Keyboards
Gulnaz Bagirova – Vocals (female)
Damir Galeev – Guitars, Vocals

Track list:

  • In…
  • Doomed Ground
  • Dreams
  • Cold Emptiness
  • And So I…
  • My Soul
  • Lovely Angel
  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Songwriting - 8/10