“Anathema” The Optimist – CD REVIEWS

“Anathema” The optimist CD – Review by Geir Olaisen

Anathema released their 11th studioalbum on the 9th of June and as a long time fan all the way back to their doom days in the early 90s this was a awaited release.

On the the optimist they present a new and different sound, a litle colder and electronic. As usual its wellcomposed and has great lyrics and it great vocal from Vincent Cavangh and Lee Douglas. It is a different Anathema and follows the concept of their  2001 release A fine day to exit,a story about the man featured on that cover and what might have happend to him.

But compared to other Anathema albums this a litle harder to get into, i listend a lot to album since i got and some tunes like Endless ways and Springfield is cathcy, the rest of the tracks needs some more listening. I think it is good album but in my opinion not Anathema`s best effort, but overall a good album. 8,5/10


Released on June 9th, 2017 on Kscope
1. “32.63N 117.14W” 1:18
2. “Leaving It Behind” 4:27
3. “Endless Ways” 5:49
4. “The Optimist” 5:37
5. “San Francisco” 4:59
6. “Springfield” 5:49
7. “Ghosts” 4:17
8. “Can’t Let Go” 5:00
9. “Close Your Eyes” 3:39
10. “Wildfires” 5:40
11. “Back to the Start” 11:41

Line Up
Daniel Cavanagh – guitars, vocals
Vincent Cavanagh – guitars, vocals
Jamie Cavanagh – bass
Daniel Cardoso – keyboards
Lee Douglas – vocals
John Douglas – drums
Geir Olaisen / MHF Magazine


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