Arrayan Path – The Marble Gates to Apeiron

Arrayan Path
The Marble Gates To Apeiron
Pitch Black Records
November 27, 2020

A few weeks ago I had already reviewed an album by a band from Cyprus. Here is the next one from the Mediterranean island. Arrayan Path was founded in 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts. From the singer Nicholas Leptos, who was then living in the USA, and the guitarist Clement Fung. Still under the name “Arryan Path”. Some demos and three albums were released under this name. After the singer returned to his home country (2011), the name was also changed to “Arrayan Path”. The eighth studio album “The Marble Gates to Apeiron” will be released in November on the Cypriot label Pitch Black Records.

The title track “The Marble Gates to Apeiron” starts with a short string intro. But the Cypriots soon got going, a mixture of early Rhapsody and early Sonata Arctica. Fast guitar riffs paired with a little epic. In addition, a clear singing voice (Nicholas Leptos), as there are many others. Good to listen to but with little recognition value. And matching melodic guitar solos. Afterwards, “Metamorphosis” goes one better in terms of catchiness. With “Virus” epic is again very important. Expansive orchestral passages and not too hard guitar riffs dominate here. “The Mourning Ghost” offers a little variety in melody and rhythm. And so, the songs babble on, whether “The Mask of Sanity” or “A Silent Masquerade”, you always find the same knitting pattern. Only when “Black Sails (The Nemean Ode)” and “The Cardinal Order” the retracted song structures are broken something.

Sure, “The Marble Gates to Apeiron” isn’t a bad album. And the musicians understand their craft. But it sounds like you’ve heard it all before, and better. However, Arrayan Path does not come close to the protagonists mentioned at the beginning. However, if you like Epic Power / Soft Rock with European characteristics, you should definitely give this album a chance.

Arrayan Path – A Silent Masquerade [Official Lyric Video]:


Nicholas Leptos – Vocals
Socrates Leptos – Guitars
Christoforos Gavriel – Guitars
Miguel Trapezaris – Bass

Track list:

  • The Marble Gates to Apeiron
  • Metamorphosis
  • Virus
  • The Mourning Ghost
  • To Live Another Day
  • The Mask of Sanity
  • The Cardinal Order
  • A Silent Masquerade
  • Black Sails (The Nemean Ode)
  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Cover Art - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Songwriting - 7/10