Asylum Pyre – Call Me Inhuman

Asylum Pyre
Call Me Inhuman
Ellie Promotion
Out : March 24, 2023
Playing Time : 54:52

“The world is changing” … This is also true for the French band Asylum Pyre. The only constant in the band structure is band founder and mastermind Johann Cadot.

Those were my opening words to the review of the previous album “N°4“. But since then, there have been no further changes in the line-up. So, Asylum Pyre were able to continue working continuously. Besides mastermind Johann Cadot, singer Ombeline Duprat and guitarist Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson were also involved in the songwriting. And even the Corona pandemic could not slow the French down. Now the band’s fifth album, “Call Me Inhuman”, is available.

“Virtual Guns” starts with a strong folk entrance, horns and vocals. It could have come from a soundtrack to a fantasy film. A short time later, the guitars start to bang. The clear vocals of Ombeline Duprat mix with the growls of Johann Cadot. Nasty industrial sounds can be heard at the beginning of “Fighters”. But later it gets quieter, which the song title did not suggest. And like the opener, the chorus is very catchy. “The True Crown” starts with acoustic guitars that sound very Mediterranean. A calm midtempo song with good riffs. And Johann also masters clear vocals, as he proves here. “Happy Deathday” initially spreads ballroom atmosphere, but this is interrupted again and again by harsh riffs. Hectic guitars and powerful drums characterise “Sand Paths”. “Underneath Heartskin” is a somewhat calm midtempo stomper, with partly technically alienated vocals. And a great guitar solo. The calmness is over with “The Mad Fiddler”. Here the band rocks out straightforward and fast. “Joy”, on the other hand, is extremely anthemic. In the second half, the song tends towards Speed Thrash in places. Thanks to the melody and rhythm changes, Asylum Pyre move into Progressive Rock realms. The title track “Call Me Inhuman” closes the album. With a playing time of two and a half minutes, this ballad is also the shortest song. And thanks to the varied instrumentation, it is also the crowning finale.

Asylum Pyre have consequently developed their sound further. They are even more varied, progressive and in part a little more unwieldy than on the predecessor. It has obviously done the Frenchmen good that they could work continuously without having to worry about line-up changes.

Asylum Pyre – Virtual Guns (Official Music Video):


Johann Cadot – Composer, Guitars, Vocals
Ombeline Duprat (Oxy Hart) – Vocals
Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson – Guitars
Thomas Calegari – Drums
Fabien Mira – Bass

Track list:

  • Virtual Guns
  • Fighters
  • The True Crown (I seek Yor War)
  • Happy Deathday
  • There, I could die
  • Sand Paths
  • The Nowhere Dance
  • A Teacher, A Scientist & A Diplomat
  • Underneath Heartskin
  • The Mad Fiddler
  • Joy
  • Call Me Inhuman
  • 8/10
    Album - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Cover Art - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Song Writing - 9/10