Autograph-Louder CD Review


Autograph-Louder (2016)

autographloudercdTrack Listing:

  1. You Are Us, We Are You
  2. I Lost My Mind In America
  3. Every Generation
  4. Watch It Now
  5. Turn Up The Radio (Live)

When I first heard Autograph was reforming a few years ago I was curious, not skeptical. As a fan I knew Steve Plunkett was not going to be involved with the reformation. I wondered how this would affect the bands sound. A little while after reforming they began playing some gigs with new vocalist Simon Daniels. The result was fantastic. There are no keyboards in live shows anymore. The keyboard parts were played  on guitar  giving the music a heavier sound. Fast forward to the whispers of new Autograph material. Playing the hits live was going well. The band released a statement of intention to record some new material in 2015. The result was a 5 song cd titled “Louder”, released by the band themselves in January 2016. I personally ordered mine from the band themselves (Fast shipping I may add). I popped it into my cd player and Wow! The classic Autograph sound was there, bombastic…big riffs…fantastic vocals and melody. The collection of tunes on this E.P. are right up there for comparison to the 80’s albums. Yes, it’s that good. The songs are fun (as it should be). The only issue I have is I wish it was a full cd. It makes me want a new cd sooner rather than later. The extra track is “Turn up the radio…Live” recorded live on the reunion tour. A very cool addition as it lets us hear Simon tackle the big hit…sounds fantastic! 5/5

Cd can be purchased at , on Itunes or if you’re lucky enough to see one of the shows, can be purchased there as well.

Frank Johnson


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