Chaos Eternal – “The Journey (Pt1: Through the Maze, Pt2: Higher and Higher)”

Chaos Eternal is a one man project created by the musician Johan Ahlqvist. A few weeks ago he released the first two parts (Pt1: Through the Maze/ Pt2: Higher and Higher) of his newest work, entitled “The Journey”, which will be consisted of 4 parts in total.  

In the first part, Chaos Eternal introduces a multilayered sound that while it could be described vaguely as progressive metal, it’s much more than that and this description takes away many traces of the sound. Of course, some influences are more prominent than others and assist more in the sound’s development, still this blend and mix of different ideas is visible in every track and throughout the whole first part. The progressive metal’s technical precision and musicality works like a musical engine that moves the sound forward, yet the sound is far from complete. Already by the second song, “When The Time Comes”, Chaos Eternal unleashes a thrash explosion, while as the album progresses groove metal, death metal, avant-garde influences enrich the already complex sound of Chaos Eternal. 

In the second part, now, entitled “Higher and Higher”, Chaos Eternal leaves behind the progressive/thrash metal path, changes route and presents a completely different musical profile that I must confess, it took me by surprise. More melodic than the first part, the second part follows a more vibrant and uplifting musical approach, almost too happy, if we compare it with the previous and first part. Leaning towards rock and alternative metal, in the second half Chaos Eternal composes an album with upbeat rhythm, rock ‘n’ roll and ‘80s ideas and even some ska-punk inspiration in the song “Dancing With My Demons” and bluegrass guitar licks in the closing track “As Good As It Gets”.   

Chaos Eternal manages, successfully, to blend and a mix a plethora of different genres and ideas. What in the “Through the Maze” is described by fast-paced, aggressive compositions showing an anxious and intense situation, in the second part “Higher and Higher”, Chaos Eternal shows an uplifting and hopeful musical profile. This contrast makes even more interesting, an already fresh sounding album that you definitely need to check out.  

  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Songwriting - 9/10