Coroncert – Magistarium

Venue: Isernhagenhof Kulturverein e.V. – Livestream
Date: July 11th, 2020

It was Coroncert‘s last show for the time being. Live performances by local bands that were streamed over the Internet were organized on Fridays and Saturdays for many weeks. At least some live atmosphere was transported into the living room at home. At the end there was Power Metal on the ears again. Magistarium from Hanover (Lower Saxony) were on stage. The flagship of the five is probably the classically trained baritone Oleg Rudych from Kharkov (Ukraine). And there is another international line-up, guitarist Michael Pesin from Balashow (Russia). The band was founded in 2005. Four years later the debut album “Faith In Salvation” was released. After that there was a longer pause. It wasn’t until 2015 and 2019 that album numbers two and three followed.

But one after another. First, the organizers of the event series came on stage. According to the regulations with the required distance and mouth-nose coverage. (When will this finally be over?). They thanked all sponsors and supporters. And of course, at the location “Isernhagenhof”. It was only through this collaboration that the concerts were made possible. And last but not least, the artists also made a significant contribution to the success.

Intro. The bells are ringing. Somehow, when I heard their sound, I thought of the bells of Glastonbury Abbey from the movie “The Mists of Avalon”. Would also match the mystical sound as well as the magical and phantasy texts (source: Encyclopaedia Metallum). A massive orchestration is added later. And then the Hanoverians start rocking. And don’t be afraid. Despite orchestration and keyboard use (Volker Brandes), Magistarium play powerful Power Metal. Oleg Rudych’s voice sounds pleasantly rough. But he can also impress with his clear baritone. And what is Power Metal? Of course, powerful riffs and filigree guitar solos. These are also delivered perfectly. Drummer Sebastian Busch was responsible for the lashing rhythm behind the battery. With his deep tones, Ingo Luehring made the subwoofer bounce in the living room for joy. This evening, most songs came from the last two albums “5’55 Till the End of Days” and “War for All and All for Won”. Only two came from the debut. In addition, there was a deep bow to the Hamburg based Metal Band Helloween with “I Want Out”. Magistarium wrote Russian lyrics for this song, which is also released as a single.Shortly before the end, they asked the organizers to come back on stage to thank them in particular. After about two hours this was the last Coroncert story for the time being and the band bowed again to all fans worldwide who had watched that evening.


  • Rising From The Ashes
  • Break This Chain
  • One Against The World
  • Beyond The Frontiers
  • Fear Of Death
  • 5’55” Till The End Of Days
  • The World Is Sold Out
  • Rise And Fall
  • I Want Out
  • War For All And All For Won
  • Faith In Salvation
  • Slave Of The Faith
  • The Game Of Life
  • Turn Back Time
  • Countdown
  • Star Wars …
  • Follow Your Dream

This time, too, you could buy a virtual beer and / or coffee for the musicians during the show. If you want, you can watch the show again on Youtube. There you will also find the donation links:

The pictures are screenshots from the Youtube livestream.