Crime – Master Of Illusion

Master Of Illusion
Metalapolis Records / SPV
Out: November 11th, 2022
Playing time: 01:02:49

The Underground Heroes are back!

This is how the press text for the new album “Master Of Illusion” by the heavy rock band Crime cheers. Founded in the Swabian town of Geislingen an der Seige. Two albums were released in the 90s (“Hard Times” 1993, “No Cure” 1995). At least 5,000 of them were sold. And then it became quiet around the band for years. Until four of the founding members got together again about two years ago and started song writing with the new singer Francis Soto (Ivory Tower, Subway). With “Master Of Illusion” they want to revive the spirit of the 90s.

The album starts with the title track “Master Of Illusion”, an uptempo smash. Francis Soto’s vocal performance deserves special mention. He renounces high Metal screams and rather sings in lower pitches. Midtempo continues with “Tears Are Falling Down”, “From My Mind” and “Shoot Shoot”. With strong riffs. Especially the latter is very blues heavy. The Hammond wobbles along with it. The guys must have been inspired a little by “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles. If you think it’s going to get faster after that, you’ll soon be wrong. The semi-ballad “No Life” and the Blues Rocker “Movin On” are not high-speed songs either. Only “All Good Things” breaks out of this pattern, although no speed records are set here either. “Kingdom Of Desire” starts with keyboard sounds before it continues with a mixture of up- and midtempo. The midtempo stomper “Nowhere To Run” also starts with synths. No “Sisters Of Mercy” has nothing to do with the Dark / Gothic Rock band of the same name. You can hear great riffs again, countered by keyboards. With “Showed Me Love” follows a real ballad. Whether Francis Soto’s singing fits to this, everyone has to decide for himself. At least I like it. The last song, “The Chains”, is a bit faster again. A conciliatory end, after so many worn metal songs.

This is a thoroughly solid comeback album. Every single one of the twelve songs is good to very good. However, I miss a bit of variety. Most of the songs are ballads or midtempo. However, the sound of “Master Of Illusion” is convincing. And also in musical craftsmanship, the five musicians are definitely above reproach.

Crime – Master Of Illusion (Official Music Video) 2022:


Francis Soto – Vocals
Matze Ehrhardt – Guitar
Gunter Kierstein – Keyboards
Achim Aubele – Bass
Alex P. Meli – Drums

Label: Metalapolis Records / SPV

Out: November 11th, 2022

Playing time: 01:02:49

Track list:

  • Master Of Illusion
  • Tears Are Falling Down
  • From My Mind
  • Shoot Shoot
  • No Life
  • Moving On
  • All Good Things
  • Kingdom Of Desire
  • Nowhere To Run
  • Sisters Of Mercy
  • Show Me Lov
  • The Chains
  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Songwriting - 8/10