Crusade of Bards – Tales Of The Seven Seas

Crusade Of Bards
Tales Of The Seven Seas
Rockshots Records
February 18, 2022
Playing time: 58:21

When you hear the words Pirate Metal, the first thing that comes to mind is Alestorm or Running Wild. Here, however, the term symphonic is added. Of course, that makes you curious. We are talking about Crusade of Bards from Spain. The band was founded in 2016 by singer and keyboardist Paolo Andreotti and singer Eleanor Tenebre. Initially, it was a studio project to write music combining the preferred musical styles of the two protagonists. But the two wanted more and have since gathered other comrades-in-arms around them to be able to perform live as well. The debut album “Tales Of Bards & Beasts” was released in 2019, and now the follow-up “Tales Of The Seven Seas” is in the starting blocks.

Almost two minutes of intro that starts with sound effects? And also later has little more to offer apart from some epic sound. I think it’s superfluous. But with an album length of almost one hour, you can probably get over this slip-up. Already with “The Northwest Passage” you are compensated for it. Captain Eleanor Tenebre shines with a crystal clear soprano. Her fellow countrywoman Ana Martínez Fojaco aka Lady Ani (Last Days of Eden) can be heard as a duet partner. The keyboards but also the double bass drum push themselves into the foreground. All in all, a melodically rocking song. Also “An Ocean Between Us – Part III – A New World” is very epic. Later, the whole epic bombast is scaled back a little. Part III? Yes, the first two parts can be found on the debut album. With “Dunkirk Privateers” you think you are in a pirate bar at first. At the beginning it sounds a bit like Pirate Metal. But later we find ourselves back in the waters of Melodic, Symphonic Metal. A strong guitar solo is the icing on the cake. Later, “Naupaktos” spreads a bit more seafaring atmosphere. Also thanks to the discreetly used growls. The following instrumental interlude “Manti” with acoustic guitars then seamlessly transitions into “The Red Charade”. Here the guitars roast sometimes. But still the melodic parts prevail. “Samudr Ka Mandir” is an acoustic ballad. The way the singers harmonise with each other is outstanding. On “Lies & Ashes” you can hear the next guest singer, Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Angra, Eternal Idol and others). Finally, the epic hymn “Leap Of Faith” and the second ballad of the album “The White Witch” follow. Where there is an intro, there is often also an outro. This one is called “As Above, So Below”. And I like this one better than the beginning of the album.

Did we hear Pirate Metal. OK, the lyrics are about the “Seven Seas”. But in terms of sound, it has nothing to do with Alestorm or Running Wild. More like early Within Temptation or Nightwish. And for fans of these and other Melodic Metal bands, the album is certainly a treasure trove. A clean and fat production, sophisticated songwriting makes “Tales Of The Seven Seas” an extremely successful album. The icing on the cake, however, is certainly the vocals of Eleanor Tenebre. She is supported by Eduardo Guilló and Paolo Andreotti, who are responsible for the heavier vocal passages, including the growls.

Crusade of Bards – The Red Charade (Official Lyric Video):


Eleanor Tenebre – Vocals
Eduardo Guilló – Vocals
Paolo Andreotti – Keyboards & Vocals
Adrian Carrero – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Marc Brode – Bass Guitars
Jorge “You” Homobono – Drums

Track list:

  • Anuri 
  • The Northwest Passage
  • An Ocean Between Us – Part III – A New World
  • Dunkirk Privateers
  • Vento Aureo
  • Naupaktos
  • Manti (interlude)
  • The Red Charade
  • Hasard
  • Samudr Ka Mandir
  • Lies & Ashe
  • Leap Of Faith
  • The White Witch
  • As above, so below (Outro)
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Cover-Art - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Song Writing - 8/10