Dawn of Destiny – Of Silence

Dawn of Destiny
Of Silence
Label: El Puerto Records
Out: June 24th, 2022
Plaing time: 01:04:01

Author: Erich Robbers (Rockcastle Franken)

I admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Symphonic Metal. A lot of it sounds too artificial to me, too pompous and, especially when there are women at the microphone, too operatic. But there are a few bands that do a good job and come across as interesting. Dawn Of Destiny from Bochum are one of them. The band has been around for 15 years and has released seven albums so far. With “Of Silence”, the eighth is just around the corner and feeds on the band’s wealth of experience and musical competence.

Thereby Dawn Of Destiny don’t do much different than similar bands. Mostly speedy Power Metal-like songs with symphonic backings or keyboard themes that push themselves into the foreground. But also, good playfulness and well developed arrangements, which make most of the thirteen new songs exciting. Personally, I find such a quantity of songs usually too much of a good thing. The same here. There are one or two strike candidates on “Of Silence”. Concentrate on eight to nine strong songs and the album would be even more convincing.

But Dawn Of Destiny are not alone with this topic. With “We Are Your Voice”, the band from Bochum starts off like a hit. Fast orientation, choral refrain and the voice of singer Jeanette Scherff, who has more of a graceful and voluminous voice, like a Sabine Edelsbacher and warbles less than an operatic Tarja Turunen. Well done. “Judas In Me” then bangs harder out of the speakers. Veith Offenbächer uses a nice metallic guitar sound as a basis and the song definitely passes for a smasher. As so often, the good-evil interplay is also integrated, with devilish growls (Jens Faber) accompanying the angel Jeanette. However, only in short moments, so that this does not become the rule.

Piano and sometimes violin are also used, of course. Especially the more balladic tracks like “Little Flower” or “Silence” are made for this. However, these are also among the more dispensable songs. The slightly folky element, on the other hand, has a positive effect. The faster songs like “Burning Heart” or “The Curse” are more appealing and should also appeal to every Power Metal fan.

In the past, illustrious guest musicians such as Jon Oliva, Zak Stevens or Björn Speed Strid were invited, but this time Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost) could be won as singer for “Childhood”, who gives the song a light Dark Metal stamp. Violin (Laura Wessels) and cello (Gerd Fischer) were also subcontracted.

“Of Silence” is therefore an album with a lot of light and some minor shadows, which should of course appeal primarily to fans of Nightwish or Within Tempation. But Dawn Of Destiny should also be worth an ear or two for friends of other Metal genres (except Black/Death etc.). A really recommendable Symphonic Power Metal band.

Dawn Of Destiny – Say My Name: https://youtu.be/kOfvIxmRx1M


Jeanette Scherff – Lead and Backing Vocals
Jens Faber – Bass, Piano, Lead and Backing Vocals
Veith Offenbächer – Lead, Rhythm and Clean Guitars
Dirk Raczkiewicz – Keyboards, Synths
Philipp Bock – Drums

Guest Musicians

Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) – Lead and Backing Vocals on “Childhood”
Laura Wessel – Violin
Gerd Fischer – Cello

Track list:

  • We Are Your Voice
  • Judas In Me
  • Childhood
  • Say My Name
  • White Mystery
  • Not The Way It Is
  • Little Flower
  • Burning Heart
  • Silence
  • Run
  • The Curse
  • Inner Voice
  • This Is Our Legacy
  • 7.5/10
    Overall Rating - 7.5/10