Down the Stone – Rusty Leash

Down The Stone
Rusty Leash
Volcano Records
October 22, 2021
Playing time: 20:05

Down the Storm were founded back in 2013. In the same year, the debut EP “Metamorphosis” was released. During a gig at Milan’s Legend Club, they were discovered by Marco Barusso. This resulted in the chance to record the first album “Life”, which was released in December 2016. Various gigs followed, mainly in northern Italy. But also some changes in the line-up. Currently, the band is working on their second album. As a small appetiser, the EP “Rusty Leash” was produced.

Already with the title song “Rusty Leash” you can hear that Down the Stone do not sound typically Italian. No Progressive Metal, no Opera Metal. Instead, straightforward, no-frills Heavy Metal / Hard Rock, in the midtempo range. Luca Colombo sings with a scratchy voice. The sound is raw, no wonder with a classic Hard Rock line-up. And Davide Ursomanzo shines with a very good guitar solo. And this continues with “Raise Your Eyes”. Bass and drums boom around each other. In “War”, the riffs are literally smashed into the listener’s ears. “DGTall” starts with technically alienated chanting. But only briefly. Soon we are back in Hard Rock territory. Like all the previous songs, the bouncer “Rebirth” is a midtempo Rocker. Even if the short ballad-like introduction initially wants to convey something else.

Rusty Leash” celebrates solid 80s Hard Rock. A more varied song writing would have done the EP good, though. The quartet should write this down in their diary for the next album. A word about the album cover. The two dogs are obviously not on a leash but are standing behind a rusty grate.

Down the Stone – Rusty Leash: 


Luca (Lu”) Colombo – Vocals
Davide (Dave) Ursomanzo – Guitar
Lorenzo (Abbo) Grassi – Bass
Fabio (Hammer) Catozzi – Drum

Track list:

  • Rusty Leash
  • Raise Your Eyes
  • War
  • DGTall
  • Rebirth
  • 8/10
    Album - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Song Writing - 7/10