Dreams of Nature “Magic Transcendence” CD-Review

image00If you don’t know them already “Dreams of Nature” is a one-man atmospheric/ambient black metal band, coming from Bogot, Colombia. All instruments are played by a guy called “L”. He released the debut on 2015 which is called “Spirit of Nature”.
Magic Transcendence is the second album. The album contains 6 tracks and the whole album is mostly instrumental with few harsh black metal vocals.

One of the merits of this album is that he included elements from nature some of the tracks, he called the band “Dreams of Nature” anyway. This also can be shown in the album’s cover that contain natural views, which helps to make your ears ready for the album’s atmosphere before even starting to hear anything.

Generally, the album’s atmosphere is soothing and makes you feel relaxed. The great melodies and the natural elements make you feel like you are in an adventure. As an atmospheric/ambient black metal fan you will enjoy every second of it.

Highlights: “The Encounter With The Stars” And “The Moon” track. It is track no. 4 and it is 10:03 minutes long. This track in my opinion is the best in the album and it represents everything he wanted to introduce in this album. The 1st half of it contains great atmospheric melodies, then a great ambient part that takes to another different level of awesomeness, which is the second atmospheric part, the whole song is perfect.

The last track of this album, “Winter Solsticie” is the shortest among the other tracks, 04:00 minutes long, and it’s pure ambient which I consider a great outro of the album.
As a big atmospheric/ambient black metal fan I advise you to listen to this album during winter, you can enjoy it anytime but during winter it will feel different. Either way you will never regret giving this album a listen.

Overall rating: 9.2/10

Nabil Hassam / Metalheads Forever Magazine

“Dreams Of Nature – Magic Transcendence”