Electric Haze – Get In Line

Electric Haze
Get In Line
Idle North Records
Out: May 28th, 2021 (digital) / June 25th, 2021 (Vinyl, CD)
Playing time: 36:33

Two friends formed Electric Haze in 2014, drummer Johan Andersson and guitarist Tommy Töyrä. Later, the two brothers Anton (vocals) and Andre Ekström (bass) joined the band. The musicians dedicated themselves to 80s and 90s hard rock, inspired by bands like Deep Purple, Black Country Communion or even Rainbow. Two years later, the first singles were released followed by the debut EP “Electric Haze”. In 2018, the band started working on their debut album “Get The Line”, which took three years. The album was now released in May/June 2021.

After the lively rocking “Succuba” follows a first highlight with ” WOAH!”. The Glam Metal sound takes us back in time to the 80s. The title song “Get In Line” takes us back to the early years of the band. Here the quartet celebrates the classic rock sound they started with. “All I Ask For” then bursts out of the speakers in a very similar style. Nothing really new, but still with entertainment value and suitable for singing along. As with the tracks before, you can hear a filigree guitar solo. “Cavern Of Pain” then offers some variety. In the ballad, which is dominated by acoustic guitars, you can enjoy the vocals of Anton Ekström in all peace. Another highlight. But the time of contemplation is then abruptly ended by the fast Rocker “Lest We Forget”. With “Too Close to the Truth” and “Clenched Fist” you can hear again the Classic Rock orientation of the Swedes. The (on the digital edition) concluding “Cryin'” is then again a little quieter. And shows the versatility of the musicians. Sometimes balladesk, sometimes slightly bluesy, sometimes psychedelic.

“Get In Line” is a good debut album. Although the band has already existed for seven years, it still seems to be in the finding process. The sounds of the individual songs are too different. Fans of 80s/90s rock should definitely give the album a listen. For the successor, however, I wish less experiments but a more compact sound.

Electric Haze – Cavern of Pain (Official Music Video): https://youtu.be/JD1zj2bK2Cg


Anton Ekström – Vocals
Johan Andersson – Drums
Andre Ekström – Bass
Tommy Töyrä – Guitar

Track list:

  • Succuba
  • WOAH!
  • Get In Line
  • All I Ask For
  • Cavern Of Pain
  • Lest We Forget
  • Too Close To The Truth
  • Clenched Fist
  • Cryin´
  • Hidden Ghost Track (only on CD)
  • 8/10
    Album - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Cover Art - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Songwriting - 8/10