Ember Sea – Shine (My Dying Star)

Ember Sea
Shine (My Dying Star)
Green Bronto Records
Out March 10, 2023
Playing Time: 17:10

Here is our new video “SHINE”! We are very proud of it, because it is our first own (non-unplugged) track since 2017.

That’s how the musicians shout on their Facebook page. That’s exactly how it is. The only recent releases were a cover version of the Mike Oldfield classic “Moonlight Shadow” and the acoustic album “Au Contraire“. Both releases left me with mixed feelings. So finally, another own work with electric guitars.

With “Shine (My Dying Star)”, Ember Sea are back to their roots. A song that seamlessly follows 2017’s “How to Tame a Heart”. Although not quite, there are the one or other Electro-Pop touches added. The production is clear and powerful. Makes me want a new full-length album from the band even more. On the digital single I have, you can also hear a radio mix of this song. Sounds exactly the same but is a minute shorter. During pre-production, the song still had the working title “Nautilus”. Here you can hear a pre-production version. And the demo, in which a band colleague of Eva took over the vocal part. And he does an exceptionally good job.

With this single, the excitement for a new studio album by Ember Sea is rising. It’s about time, after six years.

Ember Sea – Shine (My Dying Star)(Official Music Video): https://youtu.be/ZrKgGLnOQgg


Enrico Mier – Drums
Stefan Santag – Guitars
Pablo J. Tammen – Bass
Dirk Marquardt – Keyboards
Eva Gerland – Vocals

Label: Green Bronto Records

Out: March 10th, 2023

Playing time: 17:10

Track list:

  • Shine (My Dying Star) 
  • Shine (My Dying Star) (Radio Edit) 
  • Nautilus (Shine Preproduction, Working Title) 
  • Nautilus (Shine Demo, Working Title)