Emptynest – Nesting The Void

Nesting The Void
Volcano Records
May 21st, 2021

There is something new from Italy. Emptynest were founded in 2019, born out of the singer and guitarist’s idea to bring his own musical visions to life. The band was/is impressed by decadent nature, deadened trees and tainted moor. With Volcano Records, a label for the release of the first EP “Nesting The Void” was also quickly found. The quartet is already working on a debut album.

“Borders Of Safe Home” starts with piano sounds and strings. But it’s not Symphonic Metal that comes out of the speakers. The riffs bang hard. Later, in the midtempo range, bass and drums boom. And the singer impresses at first with her powerful and charismatic voice. Later she shows that she can also soar to higher pitches. “Far Away” also starts quietly at first and then moves into the midtempo range. The soprano doesn’t sound as cleanly sung as in the opener. But the hard riffs cover that up a bit. Reminiscent of Sharon den Adel in the early years of Within Temptation. But the sound is completely different. “Need To Show” could pass for the power ballad of the EP. Synth strings dominate over long passages. A beautiful melodic guitar solo is the icing on the cake. The singer returns to her strengths in mezzo-soprano. In places, the vocals are alienated electronically. In “The Night” the tempo picks up a bit. And male vocals can be heard. I assume that guitarist Armando D’Arienzo is making his mark here. Unfortunately, Michela’s head voice doesn’t sound quite cleanly sung here either. “Unborn Feelings” is again ballad-like with piano and synths. Only in the middle part it gets loud, thanks to the riffs. At the end there is again a great guitar solo, but it ends abruptly. At least on my download. A look at the player shows that all songs are exactly 4:26 minutes long. Coincidence or intention?

Emptynest present melodic, mostly melancholic Metal in the midtempo range. Especially the low tones provide a lot of sound pressure. I like singer Michela Mazzocco best when she doesn’t try to force out the high notes. A good start for the Italians, which can be built on.

Emptynest – Need to Show (Official Lyric Video): https://youtu.be/yh3TrgU36UA


Michela Mazzocco – Vocals
Armando D’Arienzo – Guitar, Sinth
Antonio Izzo – Bass
Dario Angiolilli – Drums

Track list:

  • Borders Of Safe Home
  • Far Away
  • Need To Show
  • The Night
  • Unborn Feelings
  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Song Writing - 8/10