Eternal Silence – Timegate Anathema

Eternal Silence
Timegate Anathema
Rockshots Records
October 8th, 2021
Playing time: 50:29

Symphonic Metal from Italy? Nothing new, actually. But there are a lot of differences. Another band is stepping up to conquer the hearts of the fans. Although, that’s not quite correct. Eternal Silence have been around since 2008, and three albums and three EPs have been released since then. The release of the last album, however, was four years ago. For album number four “Timegate Anatema”, the Lombards have signed a deal with the Turin-based label Rockshots Records. At first glance, the constancy of the line-up is pleasing. Three of the five musicians have been with the band from the beginning. Actually, the best conditions for a continuous collaboration.

The Italians really get going right away. With “The Way of Time”, the riffs are blown away. Refined by beautiful guitar hooks. Of course, the bombastic synth orchestrations are not missing. The slightly hectic vocals of front woman Marika Vanni remind me a little of early Temperance. Italian school, after all. And vocal partner Alberto Cassina harmonises perfectly. No “Beauty and the Beast” interplay, but twice expressive clear vocals. No album intro, but a short prelude on “Edge of the Dream”. And the tempo has been taken out a little. Fortunately, Marika does not sing in the highest tones, but rather in a somewhat lower mezzo-soprano. This makes the songs sound pleasant. And it continues in the midtempo range with “Ancient Spirit” and the anthemic “Heart of Lead”. With “Lonely” follows a beautiful ballad. Only strings and discreetly used drums accompany Alberto’s singing at first. During the duet of the two, the electric guitars also come in. And the master crowns the whole thing with a melodic guitar solo. A video clip was produced for “Glide in the Air”. The singer in an impressive high mountain scenery. Here the guitarists show their skills again. The following songs are also powerful (“Rain”, “My Soul Sad Until Death”) before the second ballad, “Firefly”, follows. Acoustic guitars dominate here. And Marika takes over the vocal part. The album ends with “Red Death Masquerade”. Besides both singers, opulent choruses can be heard.

There are many clichés associated with Symphonic Metal. At least two of them are not served by “Timegate Anathema”. There is no opera singing and no beauty/beast interplay. Instead, two clean vocals dominate, mainly in the mid-range. Sound-wise you hear a mix of Epic orchestration, heavy riff and very good guitar melodies and solos. The songwriting is convincing and the arrangements are varied. In my opinion, “Timegate Anathema” is one of the better albums of the genre.  

Eternal Silence – Glide In The Air (Official Music Video):


Marika Vanni – Vocals
Alberto Cassina – Guitar/Vocals
Alessio Sessa – Bass
Andrea Zannin – Drums
Enzo Criscuolo – Guitar

Track list:

  • The Way Of Time
  • Edge Of The Dream
  • Ancient Spirit
  • Heart Of Lead
  • Lonely
  • Glide In The Air
  • Rain
  • My Soul Sad Until Death
  • Firefly
  • Red Death Masquerade
  • 8/10
    Album - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Song-Writing - 9/10