Coroncert – BwD & MaestRock

Coroncert – BwD & MaestRock

Venue: Isernhagenhof Kulturverein e.V. – Livestream
Date: June 12th, 2020

Public events are not possible in times of the corona pandemic. It is all the more gratifying that there are a large number of organizers who bring concerts into the living room at home. Live stream concerts are the magic word. I have already reported on some of them. Here is another example. The Coroncert. Artists can present themselves on a well-equipped stage and have their show streamed live over the Internet. I was able to convince myself of the good sound and light quality on Friday. Local bands and artists were on stage.

BwD (Back With Darkness) are back. Singer Melle and guitarist Jansen have remained from the original line-up. Most recently I saw them at an unplugged show in Kiel. But also, as a band they are complete again. Three quarters of the band members were on stage on Friday. Certainly the first live appearance for weeks. In comparison to the show in Kiel, only own songs were played that evening. There was also something to celebrate. It was the singer’s birthday. And she was having fun. Also included was the white wedding dress, which has been part of the singer’s indispensable stage outfit at least since the video for “Gasolina”. Of course, this song shouldn’t be missing on the setlist. And Melle offered to buy this dress online after the show. But obviously no prospect has been found.

Setlist BwD:

  • Excuse Moi
  • Break The Law
  • Forest
  • Let Me Fly
  • S.N.U.D.S.F (So nah und doch so fern)
  • Better Way
  • Spaceman
  • Gasolina
  • Secrets
  • Undefined Memories

Then Salvatore aka MaestRock entered the stage. The Italian singer and guitarist played in various rock and metal bands in his home country. Since 2017 he has been the singer of the metal band Drowning Deep from Hanover. Since then he has also been active with his solo project as a singer / songwriter. Only he and his acoustic guitar. And as you could see during the show, with harmonica. Just like BwD, he also misses the live shows and the contact with the fans very much. He was all the more pleased to be on stage that evening. And so at least via live chat to have easy contact with the fans. Announcements in German, the songs in English and Italian. In addition to songs, for his solo program he also presented three songs by his band Drowning Deep.

Setlist MaestRock:

  • Rock On
  • You Kiss Like The Fire
  • Prima di andar via
  • At Last The Miracle
  • Streets And Doors
  • Happy Because I Am Happy
  • Time To Be Free
  • Attimi
  • Listen
  • Life Is A Rhapsody

Another great live stream concert. It is good that many artists and organizers are currently using these opportunities on the Internet. This was an unforgettable event for the musicians involved, as they wrote on Facebook afterwards. During the show, the musicians could buy a virtual beer and / or coffee. Financial support for culture is extremely welcome at this time. If you want, you can watch the show again on Youtube. There you will also find the donation links:

The Coroncert project is being implemented by all involved on a voluntary basis. So that further events of this kind are possible in the future, the organizers would also be pleased about financial help: