Fozzy Capturing Judas Livestream Event

Remember when we were young and watching rock n roll films like ‘Rock Star’ and ‘Velvet Goldmine’?

Remember the feeling? I do. And I specifically remember wearing glitter from head to toe when I first watched Velvet Goldmine, and if you tried to convince me that I looked ridiculous I would give you a massive hug and then we’d both be covered in glitter, end of story.

This is exactly how I felt now again while watching “Fozzy Capturing Judas Livestream Event”.

I was invited to cover the event. An epic 3 show stint in 3 different time zones on the same day, they said, plus rare stories of the road, and I was sold. Who doesn’t like rare stories of the road after all?

I did not, however, expect such an exquisitely filmed rock n roll documentary made for aesthetic enjoyment as well as musical pleasure.

To be honest, powerhouse rock n roll is not my cup of tea. I enjoy and I appreciate it but it’s not my scandi death metal, is it? I was pleasantly surprised as I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Following them around brought me joy, taking me away from my mundane quarantined morning, and I’m sure it will inspire you too.

It flows like a river from scene to scene, telling the story of the band, highlighting the best parts of their personalities, infused with humour. Structured to build up the pre-show excitement with backstage action this was a brilliant example of how we can still get a bit of that live show buzz without having to leave the couch or wear pants for that matter.

Go watch it, (

you can purchase tickets and view the event on demand until November 29th.

*Disclaimer: The MHF crew, always wears pants while working and writing pieces.

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