Glasya – Attarghan

Scarlet Records
February 18, 2022
Playing time: 01:08:27

Many metal bands come from the Iberian peninsula. Glasya from the Portuguese capital Lisbon describe themselves as a Soundtrack Metal band, inspired by the dazzling Soundtrack LPs of the 60s and 70s. Formed in 2017, Glasya’s line-up has also been relatively constant, with only a line-up change on bass. The debut “Heaven’s Demise” was released in July 2019. Now the follow-up “Attarghan” is released. It tells the story of a former army commander who later becomes a rebel and leads an oppressed people in the fight for freedom against a Persian emperor.

And the album starts with spoken words. The story of the hero is told. So you notice immediately that you are on a concept album. The introductory words (one and three-quarter minutes long!) are underpinned by epic choruses. With “From Enemy To Hero”, however, the Portuguese then go into full force. The choruses become more powerful, the riffs bang out of the speakers and the drums set the pace. Singer Eduarda Soeiro sings in a high but clean operatic soprano. Vocally, she gets male support from Marco Pastorino (Temperance). Here the musicians earn the designation Metal band. “Way To Victory” sounds even more like Metal, but without cutting back on the bombast. However, this happens with “Retaliation”, which makes this song seem a bit heavier. Here, too, the male vocal partner knows how to convince. Is this also the Temperance singer? Unfortunately, the press info is silent about that. And the band can announce another top-class guest. Caterina Nix (Chaos Magic) is the vocal partner on “First Taste Of Freedom”. Both voices harmonise perfectly with each other. “Journey To Akhbar” then sounds oriental. Even Eduarda’s singing adapts to this basic mood. One is literally transported to the palace of Persian emperors. Oriental sounds accompany the spoken words of “Queen’s Temptation”. And it continues with Metal-Symphonic Bombast in “Battle For Trust”. As with many other songs, you can hear anthemic epicness à la Nightwish, Whyzdom or Xandria in “The Sound Of 10,000 Feet Marching” or “Within The Sandstorm”. The singer doesn’t have to hide behind the big names of the other bands. Her comrades-in-arms are also musically convincing. With “We Weren’t Meant To Be” there is a touching, hymn-like ballad on the album. With the anthemic “Eye To Eye Sword To Sword” and “A New Era Has Come” the last songs soon sound. The album then ends as it began. With the (story) narrator.

Musically, “Attarghan” is beyond reproach. Here the musicians are on a par with the greats of this genre. It could be an excellent album. But unfortunately, the storytelling around the protagonist is exaggerated beyond measure. This excess of (partly false?) pathos detracts from the listening pleasure and thus causes a considerable point deduction. There could have been more here.


Eduarda Soeiro – Vocals
Hugo Esteves – Guitar
Bruno Prates – Guitar
Davon Van Dave – Keyboards, Orchestrations
António Durães – Bass
Bruno Ramos – Drums

Track list:

  • Attarghan
  • From Enemy To Hero
  • Way To Victory
  • Retaliation
  • First Taste Of Freedom
  • Journey To Akhbar
  • Queen’s Temptation
  • Battle For Trust
  • The Sound Of 10.000 Feet Marching
  • Within The Sandstorm
  • We Weren’t Meant To Be
  • At The Empire’s Gate
  • Eye To Eye Sword To Sword
  • A New Era Has Come
  • The Legend Lives On
  • 6/10
    Album - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Song Writing - 9/10