Grand Magus – Iron Will Album Review

Grand Magus – Iron Will

Album Review by Adam McCann

Rise Above Records 2018

Playing a blend of stoner, doom and traditional heavy metal, it took this Swedish trio a few albums to find their feet and by 2008, Grand Magus were ready to release their fourth studio album, ‘Iron Will’. This album takes a large step away from the stoner and doom vibes that had primarily influenced their earlier albums and by keeping with their pseudo-Norse undertone, Grand Magus managed to easily make the switch to a more fully traditional heavy metal sound.

‘Iron Will’ features some of Grand Magus’ best work to date, ‘Silver Into Steel’, ‘The Shadow Knows’, ‘Fear Is The Key’ and the marching title track are all full of the catchy hooks that you expect from Grand Magus. However, it is the albums opening track, the rousing ‘Like the Oar Strikes the Water’ which steals the album. It is the interesting addition of the acoustic instruments that bring this song to life and when coupled with the strong, incensed, anti-religion overtone, delivered through JB Christoffersson’s powerful vocal drives Grand Magus into a new successful era.

As an album, ‘Iron Will’ would become the benchmark at which all other Grand Magus albums would be tested against, it is coherent, driving and placed the band firmly on the map, creating a fantastic starting point for any new fans looking to get into Grand Magus and a familiar album full of excellent songs for the already converted.


Rating : 86/100


MHF Magazine/Adam McCann