Graveshadow – The Uncertain Hour

The Uncertain Hour
Label: M-Theory Audio
Release Date: 15. Juli 2022
Playing Time : 51:07

Since the release of the last album “Ambition’s Price” in 2018, the line-up carousel of the Californians has really rotated. Only guitarist and band founder William Lloyd Walker and guitarist and growler Aaron Robitsch have remained. The new woman on the microphone is Rachl Raxx Quinn (DiAmorte). The leave of three of the five members would have meant the end for many other bands. But Will and Aaron obviously didn’t let themselves be distracted by this. Album number three “The Uncertain Hour” is finished and has been released again via M-Theory Audio. Let’s listen to how the band’s sound has changed after this break.

“Soldier Of 34” starts melodically melancholic. But then the energy kicks in. Newcomer Rachl Raxx Quinn immediately shows off her powerful voice. Guitarist Aaron Robitsch is responsible for the harsh vocals. However, the absence of the bitterly angry growls that Heather Michele conjured up from her throat is immediately noticeable. “Gwynnbleidd” is classic Power Metal, straightforward, no-frills and driving forward. “Sea Of Apparitions” is very rhythmic. Drummer Bones Padilla pushes his comrades-in-arms. After a quiet beginning, “The Swordsman” also starts with heavy and fast riffs. In the background you can hear orchestral arrangements. “Vengeance Of Envy” is again classic Power Metal with a tendency towards Hard Rock. “A Beautiful End” is a riff monster that is bursting with powerful force. Aaron also contributes the harsh vocals here. “The Betrayer” is more melodic again. The guitars are again underlaid with a discreet orchestration. The rhythmic “Shadow Battles” follows. As with many other songs, rhythm and melody are harmoniously combined. After so much power, musicians and listeners need a little breather. This is provided by the doomy “The Two Lived”. Here you can probably hear the most evil growls of the album. The orchestral arrangements are also melancholic here. The longest song, “Damsel’s Finesse”, with a playing time of just over seven minutes, provides a groovy ending. And it is here that the symphonic orientation can be heard most strongly.

Graveshadow have developed further. Bombast and Symphonic have been clearly reduced. The press release still mentions bands like Sirenia, Beast in Black and Amaranthe as influences. But the Californians no longer try to compete with them. They have found their own, harder style. The only thing I miss a bit are the abysmally evil growls. But that’s complaining on a high level.

Graveshadow – Soldier of 34 (Official Music Video):


William Lloyd Walker – Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Rachl Raxx Quinn – Lead Vocals
Aaron Robitsch – Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Harsh Vocals, Orchestrations
Luci Rae – Bass
Bones Padilla – Drums


  • Soldier of 34
  • Gwynnbleidd
  • Sea of Apparitions
  • The Swordsman
  • Vengeance of Envy
  • A Beautiful End 
  • The Betrayer
  • Shadow Battles
  • The Two Lived
  • Damsel’s Finesse
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Songwriting - 8/10