Herman Frank – Two For A Lie

Herman Frank
Two For A Lie
AFM Records
May 21, 2021

Herman Frank is back. With full throttle. Not even a pandemic can change anything about it.

The former Accept guitarist is unstoppable. Not even the changes on the drums and the second guitar. About two years after “Fight The Fear”, the successor is ready – “Two For A Lie”. And again Arne Neurand is on board as co-producer. And the cover artwork was again designed by Kai Swillus. A successful team that has worked together here, so you can expect great things here as well.

Herman Frank start their newest album with the two smashers “Teutonic Order” and “Venom”. The musicians take no prisoners right from the start. The voice of extraordinary singer Rick Altzi is underpinned by powerful riffs. Two very good warm-ups. And again, and again the guitarists shine with their solos. After these two rather midtempo songs, “Hate” really picks up speed. No compromises are made here in terms of speed and heaviness. The new guy behind the battery drives his comrades-in-arms mercilessly. But it can also be done differently. Thanks to its catchiness, “Eye Of The Storm” could become one of the album’s big hits, an earworm in the very best sense. The chorus reminds me a little of Helloween. You can also watch a video clip of this. The album continues with more midtempo stompers (“Liar”, “Just A Second To Lose”, “Danger”), Speed Metal songs (“Hail The New Kings”) before another song with airplay potential comes out of the speakers. “Stand Up And Fight” is a great (Speed-) Metal anthem. Not to be confused with the songs of the same name by Turisas (2011) or Iron Savior (2019). More reminiscent of Deep Purple. As the album began, so it ends, with the midtempo song “Open Your Mind”.

“Two For A Lie” is an absolute killer album. Listening fun from beginning to end. Outstanding musicians, convincing song writing and a production that is really fat. Metal heart, what more do you want?

Photo by Kai Swillus

Herman Frank – Eye Of The Storm (2021) // Official Music Video: https://youtu.be/4k7glR8pXBQ


Herman Frank – Guitars
Rick Altzi – Vocals
Kevin Kott – Drums
Michael Müller – Bass
Mike Pesin – Guitars

Track list:

  • Teutonic Order
  • Venom
  • Hate
  • Eye Of The Storm
  • Liar
  • Hail The New Kings
  • Just A Second To Lose
  • Danger
  • Stand Up And Fight
  • Open Your Mind
  • 10/10
    Album - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Cover Art - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Song Writing - 10/10