Holiday Gunfire “Holiday Gunfire” CD Review

Holiday Gunfire ‘Holiday Gunfire’

Cornelius Chapel Records

Alternative Rock

Kicking their life into gear with bang, Holiday Gunfire arrive from Alabama to deliver their eponymous debut album with a huge dripping of 90’s nostalgia wrapped in a sugar-candy coating of modern post-rock glory.

There is something exceptionally addictive about this album, it has all the infectious pop melody sensibilities expected from the heartland rock and Americana of the likes of Tom Petty and John Mellencamp mixed with all the ingenuity, integrity and tenacity found within alternative rock. This can be seen within the excellently crafted ‘Fake It’, ‘Imaginary Friend’ and ‘Aviator Saint’ which brings together the jangling guitars of I.R.S. Records era R.E.M., adds a touch of Meat Puppets style country cowpunk and adds the simple, memorable huge chorus’ from Foo Fighters. The love for Foo Fighters doesn’t stop here, ‘She’s Got A Machine’ is joined with a drumbeat which is reminiscent of ‘My Hero’, whilst ‘Out To Sea’ contains a driving fuzz riff that would not be out of place on ‘Piece Of Cake’ era Mudhoney.

‘Holiday Gunfire’ delivers all this nostalgia without being stuck in the past, it is a warm album that is instantly likeable and has all the hallmarks of an album which has been with the listener for years; it is fun, enjoyable and for those looking for something new that are huge fans of alternative rock? Look no further than ‘Holiday Gunfire’.


Adam McCann