Incursion – Blinding Force

Blinding Force
Label: No Remorse Records (Membran)
Out: November 11th, 2022
Playing time: 41:13

After the successful reunion with the EP “The Hunter” (2020), Incursion are now following up with their debut album “Incursion”. Two years ago, guitarist Maxx Havick answered my questions in an interview. In the meantime, new members have joined the band on bass and drums. I was thrilled by the EP, so now I was curious about the album.

The album itself has no intro. This was put at the beginning of the title song. “Blinding Force”. And here the US boys surprise with classic Epic Doom of the Black Sabbath type. It goes on for about a minute before the tempo picks up. And unfortunately, it is the only excursion into this genre. What follows is just as classic, old school Heavy Metal in the midtempo range. Steve Samson shows that he is in good form, especially in the higher vocal passages. “Vengeance” sounds a bit rougher and heavier, but has the same 80s charm. The song is probably a re-recording of the 1984 demo. In contrast, “Running Out” is more melodic again. A number that has a lot of positive vibes and should be a highlight live. There is also a great guitar solo. With hard riffs “The Sentinel” starts. Later the song turns ballad-like, especially when the guitars play beautiful melodies. And again a great guitar solo. “The Rites” then picks up speed again. Driving riffing and again a singer who doesn’t shy away from the high pitches. With the fast banger “Master of Evil” the metal fan can shake his hair. The next midtempo stomper follows with “Strike Down”. Great choruses, the vocals are accompanied by outstanding guitar work. A true Metal anthem. Even “Hang Em High” comes from the aforementioned demo. And similar to “Vengeance”, Incursion unpack the raw and wild Metal axe here. “Riot Act” is the Power Metal full service at the end of the album.

After “The Hunter”, Incursion went one better with “Blinding Force”. My high expectations for this late debut were not disappointed. It’s like high-quality wines, the older the better. It can go on like this. Let’s see what the future brings.

Incursion – Running Out (Lyric Video):


Steve Samson – Vocals
Maxx Havick – Guitars
Michael Lashinsky – Guitars
Dan Douchette – Drums
Robbie Crede – Bass

Label: No Remorse Records (Membran)

Out: November 11th, 2022

Playing time: 41:13

Track list:

  • Blinding Force
  • Vengeance
  • Running Out
  • The Sentinel
  • The Rites
  • Master Of Evil
  • Strike Down
  • Hang ’em High
  • Riot Act
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Songwriting - 9/10