InHuman – InHuman

February 26, 2021

Once upon a time. In 2007, like-minded musicians came together in the Belgian capital Brussels and founded the Symphonic Death Metal band Anwynn. They were on the road for more than ten years, in different line-ups. The band played several festivals. Among others also at the Metal Female Voices Fest in their home country. Two albums and one live DVD have been released so far. The Anwynn era ended abruptly last year. The band was renamed in (or re-founded as?) InHuman. Anyway. The self-titled album will be released in February.

More than two minutes of intro? But it fits here. One after the other, the individual instrumentalists introduce themselves. Little by little, the sound becomes more and more powerful. Epic choruses and orchestral sounds are added. It’s like an increasing run, which finally culminates in the seamless changeover to the opening song “The Chosen Cancer”. The two singers are then heard first. Dietwin’s growls are perhaps not quite as angry as those of his predecessor, but they still make the blood run cold. Singer Eline seems to have extended her vocal range once again. She only occasionally moves into the high pitches. And doesn’t sound so shrill there anymore. At times the singing sounds bizarre and a little discordant. Guitar riffs and solos alternate. And the drumming bangs out of the boxes. Also in “Clockwork In The Past” the choruses are omnipresent, Eline and Dietwin almost have a singing contest. The two are driven by the double bass. The drums thunder like a machine gun on “Unfolded”. “The Day I Died” has a slight progressive edge to it. While the song rolls out of the speakers almost majestically, keyboardist Astrid creates real sound carpets. After so much bundled energy, you need a little peace and quiet. The epic choruses at the beginning of “Unbearably Human” provide this, but soon the rhythm section kicks in again and provides a sweaty rhythm. Eline’s vocals are very melodic here, but are countered by harsh growls. On “For The Life Of Me” the Belgians try to set speed records. Accordingly, the song sounds hectic, from the vocals to the guitars to the drums. Here, the songstress occasionally shrieks, too. The calm beginning of “No Bullet Required” is reminiscent of a military march. Later, epic choruses are added again, before the guitars, bass and drums then strike with full force. “Lullaby (Casus Belli)” is probably the most unusual song on the album. Sounds of birds, a sobbing baby, footsteps before Eline languishes in the highest notes, accompanied by piano and synth strings. A heart-warming balladlike interlude. And introduction to what is probably the most ambitious song on the album, “Casus Belli”. And with more than seven minutes playing time, the longest of the album. At the beginning an epic hymn, later the drums provide high speed, almost hectic. But again and again the melodic singing brings a little balance. Yes, until keyboard sorceress Astrid and the two guitarists Eerik and Romain engage in a battle of instruments. The instrumental “Home” is the ejector. Here, parts of the previous songs are quoted again musically. At first it literally thunders out of the speakers, before a piano coda finishes this masterpiece at the very end.

I have known Anwynn for many years and have seen the band live several times. I also have the CDs released so far (almost) completely. And I’ve always liked the music. But after listening to “InHuman” several times, I have to say this is by far the best I’ve ever heard from Anwynn. Obviously, the renaming has led to a surge in creativity. Or vice versa. The long wait since “Swords & Blood” has been worth it. Hopefully it won’t take more than five years again until the successor.

InHuman – Clockwork In The Past (Official Video):


Dietwin – Vocal
Eline – Vocals
Astrid – Keyboard
Eerik – Guitar
Julien – Bass
Romain – Guitar
Yuki – Drums

Track list:

  • Intro
  • The Chosen Cancer
  • Clockwork In The Past
  • Unfolded
  • The Day I Died
  • Unbearably Human
  • For The Life Of Me
  • No Bullet Required
  • Lullaby (Casus Belli)
  • Casus Belli
  • Home
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Songwriting - 9/10