Konzerthelden Neumünster – Incantatem

Venue: Niederdeutsche Bühne Neumünster – Livestream
Date: September 05th, 2020

The corona pandemic is badly affecting musicians and organizers. So, they are looking for alternative ways to present at least a little live feeling to the fans. New series of events are initiated in which concerts are streamed into the living room via the Internet, such as Coroncert or Ghostconerts at Markthalle. Or Wacken World Wide. Bands like Feuerschwanz or Corvus Corax have also broadcast concerts over the Internet. Another series of events has now been launched. In Neumünster, the Konzerthelden (concert heroes) invite you to online concerts.

One of the first bands to appear on the Niederdeutschen Bühne (Low German Stage) in Neumünster was the Hamburg band Incantatem with their folk metal. Unfortunately, there were major technical problems at the beginning. But even when the musicians were able to start their set about forty-five minutes late, the sound was bad. It got a little bit better later, but other live streams were way better. It was Incantatem’s first live appearance in months. So, the girls and boys were highly motivated. But like many other bands, they had to get used to playing in front of an empty auditorium and without any interaction with the fans. But that didn’t detract from the joy of playing. In addition to songs from their EP “Durch die Nacht” and the debut album “Animus et Anima”, with “Wie Feuer” and “Loreley” two songs from their second work “Katharsis”, which was released at the end of the year, were presented. Of course, they made us curious.

It should not go unmentioned that in addition to the sound problems, there was also poor image quality. Of course, that clouded the enjoyment of the concert a little. It remains to be hoped that the organizers will get this better under control in future live streams. Because nowadays we all, organizers, musicians, fans, need just such offers, but in high quality. If you want to watch the performance of the bards from Hamburg again, you can do so on YouTube. The show starts around the timestamp 1:00:00.


  • Sehnsucht nach der Fremde
  • Kein Zurück
  • Das Leben
  • Flamme
  • Wie Feuer
  • Spring Püppchen
  • Mara
  • Die Räuber
  • Loreley


Chris – Guitar
Johanna – Cello
Malte – Vocals, Cittern
Mella – Bass, Cello [Acoustic set]
Thomas – Drums, Percussion

The images are screenshots from the YouTube livestream

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