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Lamb of God are highly revered within the metal world, the band effortlessly blends the elements of groove metal alongside the harsh almost classic growls of Randy Blythe. Over the years, Lamb of God have built up a collection of strong albums including ‘Ashes of the Wake’, ‘As the Palaces Burn’ and ‘Sacrament’.

‘Sacrament’ is the 5th album from the Virginian band and consolidates Lamb of God’s years of work as one of their most successful albums to date. Not only did the album catapult the band into the limelight, it showed that American heavy metal could still have bite in the mainstream world, many people would go on to credit ‘Sacrament’ as the album which turned them on to heavy metal in the mid-00’s.

That is hardly surprising, ‘Sacrament’ features some of Lamb of God’s best work and most loved songs to date; driven on by the superb drumming of Chris Adler and the charismatic vocals of Blythe, tracks such as ‘Walk with Me in Hell’, ‘Pathetic’ and the perennial ‘Redneck’ throw down the gauntlet to their heavy metal peers without many bands in this year able to keep up.

As an album, ‘Sacrament’ would mark the start of a long period of success for Lamb of God, the ripples of which can still be felt 13 years on.




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