Light By The Sea – Only Death Makes Icons

Light By The Sea
Only Death Makes Icons
October 22nd, 2021
Playing time: 40:52

It is a Hungarian-Dutch joint project, Light By The Sea.This project is the result of the collaboration between Eszter Anna Baumann (Ann My Guard) and Davy Knobel (Outside Revelation, Cloudmen).

Writing this album together was the greatest musical adventure we could ever experience. Stuck in our apartment during lockdown, we were surrounding ourselves with great icons in thought, who inspired our music and lyrics.

So, the two masterminds. Since I had at least already seen Eszter live a few times and could convince myself of her vocal and musical abilities, I was also an interested listener here. Even if the musical basics mentioned in the press text do not necessarily fit into my normal musical taste (rock, avant-garde and folk music elements with a catchy pop atmosphere).

The opener “A Transition In Time” rocks off quite well. Melodic Rock, without real vocals. Singer Eszter Anna Baumann only sings a few vocalizes, but they hardly stand a chance against the instruments. On the other hand, you can hear her voice all the more clearly on “Mr. Wonderman”. Sounds somehow like Dark Rock. Pleasant to listen to. “Hollywood Vampire” has nothing to do with Alice Cooper’s side project. A quiet pop song. Whereby, the song cannot be compared with what is commonly associated with pop slush. Eszter’s versatile voice alone makes sure of that. In “Little Jeane”, the acoustic guitars provide a remarkable Folk edge. The acoustic interlude “Lupercalia In Neptune’s Temple” is also more Folk (Rock). With “Willow Creek” there is a bit of Southern Rock atmosphere. Beautiful Pop melodies are also offered by “Eleanor” and “Crimson Sugar”. Instead, “Where Have The Dandies Gone” rocks a bit rougher again, in the direction of Alternative. Guitars with Wah-Wah effect push themselves into the foreground. A song with the somewhat unwieldy title “Chelsea Is A Mermaid And She’s Soaking In” closes the album. Quiet sounds, key and synthie sound effects.

“Only Death Makes Icons” is far away from what the blonde singer has produced so far. No metal, but Pop and Folk-heavy. An album for contemplative hours. The phrase “musical adventure” really describes the sound you can hear here. You should take the time to enjoy the music and relax deeply.


Eszter Anna Baumann
Davy Knobel

Vocals: Eszter Anna Baumann, Eddy Bopp
Bass: Kai Liebrand (Track 3,4,6,7,8), Eszter Anna Baumann (Tracks 1,2), Davy Knobel (Track 5,9,10)
Guitars: Davy Knobel Drums: Dirk Schonk, Stephen van den Dolder (Track 10)
Keys: Eszter Anna Baumann, Eddy Bopp, Davy Knobel
Flute: Eszter Anna Baumann
Additional Percussions: Davy Knobel

Label: Self-release

VÖ: October 22nd, 2021

Playing time: 40:52

Track list:

  • A Transition In Time
  • Mr. Wonderman
  • Hollywood Vampire
  • Little Jeane
  • Lupercalia In Neptune’s Temple
  • Willow Creek
  • Eleanor
  • Crimson Sugar
  • Where Have The Dandies Gone?
  • Chelsea Is A Mermaid And She’s Soaking In
  • 7/10
    Overall Rating - 7/10