Marco Garau’s Magic Opera – Battle Of Ice

Marco Garau’s Magic Opera
Battle Of Ice
Out : January 27, 2023
Playing time: 01:04:11

Magic Opera is a project by keyboard player Marco Garau. According to the press release, he has dedicated himself to Symphonic Power Metal. In principle, this is a similar sound to his main band Derdian. Two more members of this band play with Magic Opera, but also musicians from other bands. The debut album “The Golden Pentacle” was released in 2021 and the follow-up “Battle Of Ice” will follow in January 2023. Both albums are based on the concept of the “Amtork Saga”, a story written by Marco Garau.

As it should be for a Metal opera, “The Black Sorcery” starts with keyboard and orchestra. The guitar sighs longingly. But then the whole Power Metal force sets in, partly changing into the Speed Metal area. Vocally, one is somehow reminded of the greats of Italian Symphonic Metal. The Rhapsody / Rhapsody of Fire universe sends its regards. Instead of an orchestra, you first hear guitar melodies on “The Cursed Crown”, driven by drums. Salvatore Giordano does some very hard work. Here, too, one is reminded of Rhapsody again and again. Keyboards again, sounding a little like a harpsichord. Also later, the Italians continue with “The Legend Of The Demon’s Cry” exactly where they left off with the predecessors. Melodic Power Metal with Symphonic Bombast. “Assault On The Castle” is a bit calmer and seems like Progressive Metal in places. “Ride Into The Sun” is again a musical par force ride. But the Italians can also take it easy, as the ballad-like opening of “White Dragon” shows. But the musicians have so much irrepressible energy that they quickly end this phase. Don’t worry, the real ballad follows on the heels. Thereby “The Shadow Man” impresses with a lot of guitar power. Only the vocals are partly minimalistic instrumented, only piano and strings. “The Book of Evil” is again Metal at high speed. “Under Siege”, as the title already suggests, seems combative. The eleven-minute monumental work “Battle Of Ice”, which also gave the album its name, concludes the album. After a keyboard introduction, midtempo guitars can be heard, which later pick up speed in the style of a climbing run. As in one or the other song before, singer Anton Darusso switches between low and high vocal range. Later, classical borrowings can be heard, but they are organically incorporated into the overall sound. The highlight is a fast played instrumental middle piece, where guitars and keyboard alternate.

“Battle Of Ice” is a Metal opera of the better kind. The aforementioned Rhapsody / Rhapsody of Fire or the Trans-Siberian Orchestra come to mind as comparisons. Although this comparison is actually lame. The sound is much heavier than the mentioned references and not overloaded with bombast. What Marco Garau’s Magic Opera offer here is high-speed Power Metal with symphonic elements. No more, but also no less. But above all, well done.

Magic Opera – Ride into the Sun (Official Lyric Video):


Marco Garau – Keyboards (Derdian)
Anton Darusso – Vocals (Wings Of Destiny, Savage Existence)
Enrico Pistolese – Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals (Derdian, Sick Society)
Luca Sellitto – Lead Guitars (Stamina)
Salvatore Giordano – Drums (Derdian, Sick Society)
Ollie Bernstein – Bass (Illusion Force)

Label: Self-release

Out: January 27th, 2023

Playing time: 01:04:11

Track list:

  • The Black Sorcery
  • The Cursed Crown
  • The Legend Of The Demon’s Cry 
  • Assault On The Castle
  • Ride Into The Sun
  • White Dragon
  • The Shadow Man
  • The Book of Evil
  • Under Siege
  • Battle Of Ice
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Song Writing - 9/10