Memoremains – Pop Metal

Pop Metal
Out: June 17th, 2022
Playing time: 29:24

An album that is called “Pop Metal”? You can quickly make assumptions about the kind of music you will hear. Even if some people turn up their noses, there is good and not so good music in this genre. What do you think about the Finnish band Memoremains? Of course, they have to be compared with their compatriots Battle Beast and Beast in Black, but also with Amaranthe from Sweden. Memoremains were founded in 2016, and their debut album “The Cost Of Greatness” was released four years later. The successor followed in June.

That a die-hard Metal fan should not expect too much from this album can already be heard in “We Are One”. Synths and keyboards dominate. At least Johanna Ahonen has a beautiful voice and certainly surpasses many of the small Pop stars. In addition, there are catchy melodies to be heard. Yes, there are guitars too, but more as an accessory. Only the drums come to the fore. But that is also quite common for Pop-Dance. And with four minutes and twelve seconds, this is also the longest song. This continues seamlessly with “Sympathy”. The synths dominate even more. In “Back Off”, the string fraction tries again in vain to fight against the overpowering keys. And the discreet growls don’t bring much Metal atmosphere. “Paralyze” sounds almost like a Pop song. But better than most of what German Schlager has to offer. “Psycho” is again very catchy, while “Miscreation” has a clear Funky impact. Here the 80s-inspired synths are annoying. But because of the groovy sound, the song offers a quite welcome variety among all the other Pop/Schlager sound. And with this Pop sound it continues with “Not My Fault”. “Deja Vu” does completely without guitars. And it could also be on the programme of commercial radio stations. “Empire” closes the circle to the beginning. Again, a bit harder and rockier. 

Nomen est omen. On “Pop Metal”, the Finns deliver exactly what they announce in the album title. And since Memoremains try to incorporate rockier sounds, the album is definitely more worth listening to than most of the Pop dozens. The one or another successful guitar solo also contributes to this. Although varied, the sound is more Pop than Metal. The bands mentioned at the beginning are of a completely different level. But if you like bands like Battle Beast, Beast in Black or Beyond the Black, you should give “Pop Metal” a listen.

Memoremains – Empire (Official Audio):


Johanna Ahonen – Vocals
Mikko Kujanpää – Keyboards
Aleksi Mäkelä – Guitar
Aapo Timonen – Bass
Eemeli Timonen – Drums

Track list:

  • We Are One
  • Sympathy
  • Back Off
  • Paralyze
  • Psycho
  • Miscreation
  • Not My Fault
  • Deja Vu
  • Empire
  • 7/10
    Overall Rating - 7/10