A Virtual World
AFM Records
March 26, 2021

The update for modern Power and Melodic Metal will be coming sooner as expected – with a new album called “A Virtual World” the Swedish Power Metal quintet METALITE returns to the metal dancefloor.

Once again, I start a Metalite review with a quote from the press release. The previous album “Biomechanicals” left a few wishes unfulfilled. The first positive conclusion is that there have been no line-up changes in the past year and a half. However, a worldwide pandemic has struck. First of all, respect to all the bands who nevertheless gave free rein to their creativity. The album title speaks for itself. For many of us, our work and personal lives have become virtual. So now the all-important question is, have the Swedes made good use of the time that has passed?

Poppy keyboards dominate, and the indispensable double bass. The catchiness is taken to the extreme. So after listening to the opener “A Virtual World”, everything is the same with the Swedes? Not quite, the sound seems a bit heavier than on the previous album. And singer Erica Ohlsson seems to have arrived in the band. Synths and keyboards are omnipresent on “Cloud Connected” as well. The voice parts are meant to inject a bit of industrial atmosphere, just like on the title track. But at least the song sounds a little darker, both guitarists prove in elaborated solos that they are master of their instrument. And so it continues to ripple along. Although songs like “Talismann” prove a quite appealing songwriting. It’s actually the instrumentation that will scare off many a metal fan. The driving drums in “Beyond The Horizon” are counteracted by the pop synth sounds. Fortunately, these are later toned down a little. In “Peacekeepers”, the teamwork of the string section is particularly impressive. And the chorus invites you to sing along. A little creepy sound at the beginning of “The Vampire Song” is pushed aside by the riffs shortly afterwards. Thanks to the lesser pop influence, this is the best song on the album for me. Right after that follows the worst song in my opinion, “We’re Like The Fire”. Here the use of synths is exaggerated beyond measure. “Alone” is something like the resting point of the album. Although not a real ballad, you can close your eyes and dream a little. In “Running”, the end is placed at the beginning, you can hear the singer’s deep breaths, as if she were catching her breath after a long run. Vocally, she reminds a little of Elize Ryd (Amaranthe). This song is the second positive surprise on the album. Only the guitars come a little too short, seen over the whole playing time. The final song “Synchronized” is again typical Pop-Rock.

We see ourselves as a modern band that works differently than most of the Melodic Metal bands out there.

That’s what guitarist Edwin Premberg says about the album sound. You can see it that way. However, Metalite do not have a unique selling point. Other bands do that too, and partly better, like the already mentioned compatriots Amaranthe. They are more catchy, more Pop but also more Metal. Nevertheless, the Swedish quintet can be credited with an overall positive development. But it is not (yet) enough for a top place in the Pop-Rock Olympus.

METALITE – Cloud Connected (Official Music Video):


Erica Ohlsson – Vocals
Edwin Premberg – Guitar
Robert Örnesved – Guitar
Lea Larsson – Drums
Robert Majd – Bass

Track list:

  • A Virtual World
  • Cloud Connected
  • Talisman
  • Beyond The Horizon
  • Peacekeepers
  • The Vampire Song
  • We´re Like The Fire
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Alone
  • Running
  • Synchronized 
  • Album - 7/10
  • Cover Art - 9/10
  • Songwriting - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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