Meteora – …Of Shades And Colours

…Of Shades And Colours
Label: H-Music
Out: September 6th, 2022
Playing time: 01:03:06

Meteora come from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The band was founded in 2010 and initially played cover versions of Symphonic and Gothic Metal songs. That’s how they toured the clubs of their hometown. Since 2017, the line-up has obviously been stable. The album debut “Our Paradise” was also released that year. Two years later, a label deal with Nail Records was signed. And through them, their second CD “Tragedy Of Delusion” was released. In the meantime, the label is called H-Music. And the band released the third album “…Of Shades And Colours”.

As with many other Symphonic Metal albums, the first thing you hear is a bombastic intro. And as is so often the case, “Downfall” doesn’t really hit the spot. Instead, “Wings Of Rebellion” comes banging out of the speakers. And as so often, you can hear the interplay of clear vocals and growls (Máté Fülöp). But something is different. Noémi Holló doesn’t sing as operatically as many other female singers. And in addition, there are male clear vocals (Atilla Király). A similar vocal constellation as in Amaranthe. But with less pop. More Power Metal, more Symphonic and guitar solos. “Danse Macabre” forms a small contrast to this, a bit darker. Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) can be heard as a vocal guest. Singer Noémi moves into higher pitches. “Slave of Creation” sounds a bit harsher again with heavy riffs and driving drumming. The singing becomes even more operatic in places on “Voices Within”. With “Newborn Violence” the double play “Beauty and the Beast” becomes more dominant than before. A little later, another unnecessary gap filler follows with “Awakening”. Instead, “Pests – Tragedy Of Delusion Pt. II” stomps majestically along. However, it is just as cliché-ridden (alternation of clear vocals / growls). After the ballad “Home” dominated by strings and piano and the progressive eight-minute epic “Waking Nightmare”, there is the next dispensable interlude with “Trail to Eden”. “Immortal” is a rollercoaster of emotions, bombastic orchestrations, roasting guitars, abrupt melody and rhythm changes. Somehow too much was packed into this song. The title song “…Of Shades And Colours”, with a playing time of more than ten minutes, is also the longest song on the album.  After a contemplative beginning, you hear an alternation of heavy passages with equally harsh growls and quieter sections with beguiling female vocals. Here, too, you can hear a strong progressive influence. 

There is probably no Symphonic- or Gothic Metal pitfall that Meteora don’t put their foot in. There is simply too much pandering to both genres. Unfortunately, this ruins many good approaches and also the band’s musical ability. It’s a pity, there would certainly have been more in it. Perhaps Meteora should concentrate on a few compositional elements in the future.

Meteora – Danse Macabre feat. Chris Harms:


Noémi Holló – Vocals
Máté Fülöp – Grunts, Bass
Atilla Király – Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriting
Csaba Solymosi- Guitars
Gábor Kása – Drums

Track list:

  • Downfall
  • Wings Of Rebellion
  • Danse Macabre
  • Slave Of Creation
  • Voices Within
  • Newborn Violence
  • Awakening
  • Pests – Tragedy Of Delusion Pt. II
  • Home
  • Waking Nightmare
  • Trail To Eden
  • Immortal
  • …Of Shades And Colours

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