Nightrage “Wolf to Man” CD Review

Nightrage ‘Wolf To Man’

Despotz Records

Melodic Death Metal


It has been two years since Nightrage released ‘The Venomous’ their last studio album and after extensive touring the band are finally back with their latest and anticipated album ‘Wolf To Man’.

As expected, Nightrage do not break away from the mold already laid down by their previous albums and ‘Wolf To Man’ is a classic melodic death metal tour de force that would not be out of place had it been released at the turn of the millennium. This album contains all the pounding beats and crushing vocals that is expected of the genre, it would hugely appeal to fans of Dark Tranquility, At The Gates and In Flames in their prime, whilst even adding a touch of Teutonic thrash like Kreator and Destruction with tracks such as ‘Escape Route Insertion’, ‘The Damned’ and ‘Disconnecting The Dots’ really showcasing on what this band can do. Furthermore, the track ‘Arm Aim Kill’ is single-handedly better than anything that Arch Enemy have done in a decade.

Although it was noted with their previous album that Nightrage had become stale and formulaic, the band have addressed this issue with their latest release by seriously expanding on their sound, each song here is ferocious, dripping with melodic hooks and memorable chorus’ that go a long way in showing that Nightrage have lost none of their bite.


Adam McCann