Obszön Geschöpf – Master Of Giallo Review

Obszön Geschöpf – Master Of Giallo

Review by Adam McCann

Dark Star Records – 2018 – Industrial

It has been five years since Obszön Geschöpf (OG) released ‘Highway of Horrors’ and during that time, Remzi Kelleci and Matthieu Merklen have been plotting their latest horror themed release for 2018 ‘Master of Giallo’.


The reason for this large delay is that OG are using ‘Master of Giallo’ to celebrate their twentieth birthday in style and to achieve this, Kelleci has assembled a large roster of guests which includes among others, spots from ex-members of Fear Factory, King Diamond, Kreator, White Zombie and Cradle of Filth. These guests are thrown into the mix and present an album that has been slickly mastered by Zeuss that will not only appeals to long time OG fans, but also fans looking for something a little different, who like their music with an industrial groove, a thrash touch and expertly crafted macabre lyrics.


‘Master of Giallo’ does take a little while to get going, the albums first three tracks are a little one dimensional and dull, which may be enough to initially put listeners off. However, by the albums fourth track ‘Murderock’, the OG sound is there with ‘The Moon Watches Me When I Kill’ and ‘My Scalpel Dances At Midnight’ being some of the best work that OG have ever recorded. However, by contrast, ‘The Death Kiss’ may be among some of the worst.


This is certainly an album of two halves, when ‘Master of Giallo’ is good, it is fun and would appeal to fans of Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Type O Negative and Nine Inch Nails, but when it is poor, it is a good excuse for a skip button.

Rating : 72/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann