Ohrenfeindt – Das Geld liegt auf der Strasse

Das Geld liegt auf der Strasse
October 30, 2020

They come from the Rock City of St. Pauli. Their living room is the Grünspan, a music club in the Große Freiheit. Where they celebrate Christmas with their fans every year, on December 26th. At their concerts they collect donations for Viva Con Agua and the Sternenbrücke children’s hospice. Ohrenfeindt were founded in December 1994 by bassist Chris Laut. The band describes their style as “full throttle rock”. And that’s exactly what you get on your ears – a mixture of AC / DC and Rose Tattoo, plus a few pinches of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. However, full nine years passed before the debut album “Schmutzige Liebe” (2003). After that, the albums appeared with a constant and regular irregularity. In the meantime, you can put the ninth long player “Das Geld liegt auf der Strasse” (The money is on the street) on the turntable.

The title song “Das Geld liegt auf der Strasse” is right at the beginning. Money doesn’t necessarily make you happy, but it can calm your nerves, so a well-known saying. Bad if you can’t pick it up. And the three from the Waterkant do what they do best. Straightforward no-frills Rock. And of course, refined by the sratchy voice of Chris Laut. So, “Don’t chat! Head on the neck!” (Nich‘ lang schnacken! Kopp in’ Nacken!). Even with “Du brauchst Rock“ (You need rock), Ohrenfeindt do not take prisoners. A classic Rock’n’Roll song with a catchy tune guarantee. And you can sing along to the catchy chorus right away, at least as a native speaker. “Die Muse ist im Urlaub“ (The muse is on vacation), that certainly doesn’t apply to the band, whose muse was obviously extremely inspiring. This mid-tempo stomper clearly shows that. So nothing with write blockage. The Hamburg musician Stefan Stoppok took over the speaking voice for “I’ll take care of it”. It is probably thanks to his German-speaking folk blues that there are enemies of the ears at all. Here you can enjoy the singer with his second instrument, the harp. You can also hear “Keule Rockt” with slide guitar, in the best Rose Tattoo tradition.

“Hektik“ (Hustle and bustle) lives up to the title of the song. The hustle and bustle when nothing works on the way to the job is excellent implemented here musically. “ Motorcross im Treppenhaus“ (Motorcross in the stairwell) is also outstanding. Here Chris was inspired by the Emil (Steinberger) sketch “Vater und Sohn” (Father and Son). Mid-tempo Blues, and again with slide guitar. That gives it a touch of southern rock. I’ll come out here, I love it when the guitar is played with a metal roller (slider). After the mainstream like “Willst du mit mir gehen“ (Will you go with me) shortly before the end, a small live recording from the aforementioned Hamburg Grünspan was included. Here the musicians turn it up again. The original of “So nicht” (Not like that) can be found on the 2017 album “Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll” (Two fists for Rock’n’Roll). And the sound of this recording also fits the album perfectly, as the other songs (at least in large parts) were recorded live in the studio. With the ballad “Schlaflied” (Lullaby) Ohrenfeindt let the album end calmly. But the song is far from being sleepy.

On stage for more than 25 years and not a bit quieter. These are enemies of the ears in 2020. The ninth album from the Hamburg musicians is also full of Rock’n’Roll hits. Full throttle rock’n’roll even. They clearly demonstrated at their release show that they also work live. Hopefully Chris, Keule and Andi will continue to be kissed by their muse(s).

Ohrenfeindt – Das Geld liegt auf der Strasse : https://youtu.be/jlRT-onoxhg


Andi Rohde – Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Pierre “Keule Rockt” Blesse – Guitars, Background Voclas
Chris Laut – Vocals, Bass, Harp, Piano

Track list:

  • Das Geld liegt auf der Strasse
  • Du brauchst Rock
  • Die Muse ist im Urlaub
  • Sänger in ‘ner Rock’n’Roll Band
  • Ich kümmer mich drum
  • Mona Lisa
  • Hektik
  • Motorcross im Treppenhaus
  • Willst du mit mir gehen
  • So nicht (Live im Gruenspan)
  • Schlaflied
  • 10/10
    Album - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Song Writing - 9/10