New Beginnings Are Met
Out: May 1, 2020
Wolf Entertainment

OVERHATE come from Venezuela, South America and play a relentlessly good Thrash/Groove Metal that is more than enough to blast your head off and rip your guts out with its power and truth! “New Beginnings Are Met” is OVERHATES’s 3rd album and comes out almost a decade after their previous release “Relentless Is Our Strength”. 

The album includes 10 songs inspired by the hostile and unjust environment and the frustration caused by everyday situations people have to face and deal with in modern society. The official music video made for the song “The Penance And The Lesson” is a first class example of the album’s force and a representative song out of this thrash metal torment!! 

“Realities Collide” intro riff brings to mind slow/heavy Megadeth. The angry vocals give it a mid-period Entombed vibe, and a special death metal sound. Anthrax influenced guitar phrases take the lead and all you are left with is a huge smile for such an amazingly melodic thrash opening track! 

“Elegant Lust” is a straight song with sharp guitars and hardcore/punk attitude. The chorus features clean melodic vocal lines.  

“Crossroads Song” staccato riff works great over the double bass. It has some “And Justice For All” quality, deathcore edges due to the a-la In Flames endings of the riffs, and brutal vocals. 

“God I’ve Found” has fantastic double vocals and Alice In Chains influenced chorus, although the spine of the song is hardcore/thrash. The heavy parts of the song make the difference for OVERHATE. 

In “Modern Grial” some nu metal elements appear and they sound just great. The album’s production is very nice and supports the different elements. 

“The Penance And The Lesson” is the album’s single/video. The song shreds with many brutal deathcore beats, killer riffs that will vary from thrash till death and torn vocals honoring the band’s thrash and hardcore roots. 

“Our Problem” features an amazing deathrash guitar work, groovy verses and clean vocals to spice up the brutality.  

“Hidden Behind Words” sounds epic with an amazing drum work and pretty nice open chords. OVERHATE speaks the truth. The chorus is super groovy with killer hooks that will make your head bang. 

“Never Ending War” takes the 90’s Sepultura thrash fury of milestone albums like “Chaos A.D.” mixing it up with slow parts that enhance the groove and some fantastic guitar phrasings throughout. The heaviness of the open chords give way to thrash/hardcore speed themes.  

The last song of the album, “Beneath The Curse”, uses a “Seasons In The Abyss” Slayer atmosphere to lay upon it some of the most torn vocals you will find in the album. Desperation and anger are the basic ingredients for this diamond! 

To sum it up, “New Beginnings Are Met” is a fantastic neo-thrash album that has the quality of classic thrash metal works spiced up with groove, death and some heavy metal themes. OVERHATE is really serious about their music. They are first class players and they have structured their ideas to killer songs that will be more than enough to demolish your local metal club and burn your home speakers!  


1.Realities Collide
2.Elegant Lust
3.Crossroads Song
4.God I’ve Found
5.Modern Grial
6.The Penance and the Lesson
7.Our Problem
8.Hidden Behind Words
9.Never Ending War
10.Beneath the Curse

  • 8.5/10
    Album - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Songwriting - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Cover Art - 8.5/10