Primal Age – Masked Enemy

Primal Age
Masked Enemy
June 11, 2021
WTF Records

If You Can’t Head bang to Primal Age’s Masked Enemy, You sure can’t head bang to anything

The History of Primal Age goes way back to the early 90’s, Formed in Normandy region of France. With 3 Full-length albums, 2 EPS and 2 Split albums, The band has been one of the heaviest production from France.

The album themetiized with Social awareness, and what our children will be losing on this earth if we don’t step up a beautiful message was spoken through the Intro.

The album is totally mind blowing, great vocals set up in each song.

The Powerful heart wrenching guitar riffs and massive drums hit hard to your heart, makes you go head bang wherever you are.

To my opinion Primal Age has made a huge impact on the metal scene through this album.

Is there any song that do not make you feel not better, I guess not, its total fucking brilliant dudes.

The heaviness, the power, the growling vocals, the melody, wow such perfection is awe.

Hail Hail Primal Age!

If you do not dig this album, you are missing something great.

This is the best ever album that will go in the list for 2021.

The Band:

Dimitri – Bass
Didier – Vocals
Florian – Guitars
Benoit – Guitars
Toki Drums

01. Intro & Wise Old Man 4:24
02. The Devil Is Hidden In Shadow 3:12
03. Adolescent Humanity 2:22
04. The Two Heads Monster 03:16
05. Masked Enemy 03:14
06. I Warn You 03:14
07. The Downside Of Progress 01:09
08. Who Dares Wins 03:58
09. Passion vs. Fashion 03:16
10. Blinded By Cruelty 03:48
11. Awakening Of Consciousness 02:00

  • 10/10
    Album - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Cover Art - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Song Writing - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Musical Progression - 10/10