Primal Fear – Apocalypse Review

Primal Fear – Apocalypse

Review by Adam McCann

Frontiers Records – 2018 – Heavy Metal

For the last twenty years, Germany’s Primal Fear have delivered a string fast paced heavy metal to a consistent acclaim. Following a slight line-up shuffle back in 2015, the band delivered one of the best albums of 2016 with the fantastic ‘Rulebreaker’. This line-up has had time to gel, a huge tour and festival appearances under their belt with the band releasing their twelfth studio album ‘Apocalypse’.

‘Apocalypse’ certainly picks up where ‘Rulebreaker’ left off, pounding Judas Priest style drums, excellent twin guitar harmonies and the extremely underrated voice of Ralf Scheepers piercing through the mix, all combine to make this album very, very enjoyable. Furthermore, bassist Mat Sinner has the Midas touch because he is the German gift that keeps on giving, his song writing is once again second to none and although it can be debated that ‘Rulebreaker’ has the better songs, ‘Apocalypse’ is nowhere near a write off with tracks such as the roaring ‘Hail to the Fear’, ‘The Ritual’ and ‘Blood, Sweat & Fear’ being some of the bands best recent output.

There isn’t anything new here that Primal Fear can offer, but what the band do offer is some quality heavy metal that does not disappoint. For the fourth release in a row, ‘Apocalypse’ may just clinch another place high up in the end of year releases for Primal Fear and rightly so.

Rating : 9/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann