Primordial-Exile amongst the ruins review by Geir Olaisen

4 years after their masterpiece “Where greater men have fallen” Primordial is back
with a new album “Exile amongst the ruins”
Primordial is one of those bands you can recognize straight away, they have had same
sound since they started 27 years ago and 9 album later.
There are few bands that are known to produce more consistent, passionate, and sincere albums
than the guys from Dublin do.
As usual on “Exile on amongst ruins” the song and wellcopomosted with strong lyrics where
the themes is about heritage, History, Struggle and adversity. When you buy a Primordial
album you know you will get a quality album “Exile among the ruins” is no exception.
From the opener “nail their tounges” to the last track ” last call” this is a quality
My favorite tracks on the album is “Stolen years”, it is a litle different track

a litle more laidback and simple song, but also very emotional and good.
I hope more people can open their eyes for this great band which i think deserve alot more
attention than they get. In my opion this album is together with Judas Priest`s Firepower
are the best albums released so far this year and i won`t be suprised if is that when 2018 ends.

Primordial is:
Naihmass Nemtheanga(Alan Averill)-vocal
Ciáran MacUiliam-Guitar
Michael O’Floinn-Guitar
Pól MacAmlaigh-Bass
Simon O’Laoghaire-Drums

“a awesome album” 9,5/10

1. Nail Their Tongues 09:00
2. To Hell or the Hangman 07:16
3. Where Lie the Gods 09:11
4. Exile Amongst the Ruins 07:59
5. Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed 08:28
6. Stolen Years 05:15
7. Sunken Lungs 07:52